Pittsburgh Stealer

Pittsburgh Stealer

PITTSBURGH — The Rated-R Superstar cashed in his newly acquired Money in the Bank title opportunity tonight and knocked the sports-entertainment world off its axis by becoming the new World Heavyweight Champion. Following a beastly, relentless attack from a returning Mark Henry, Edge picked the bones of a bloodied Undertaker to win the first World Heavyweight Championship of his career.

With Edge's nefarious, well-calculated triumph taking place at the close of Undertaker and Batista's tumultuous caged war, the Steel City became the "Steal City" tonight.

Though the night ended with an R-rated celebration, it was originally a night where the fate of the World Heavyweight Championship was to be decided within the merciless walls of a 15-foot high steel cage. For what seemed like an eternity of brutality, Undertaker and Batista took one another to their physical limits, as both warriors nearly exploded through the fortified steel.

Beaten and barely able to stand, the challenger and the champion ultimately managed to somehow escape the cage at the exact same moment, ending the contest in a draw. Thus, the epic, four-month rivalry between The Phenom and The Animal -- two of the most dominant competitors in SmackDown history -- culminated with controversy and indecision, much similar to their fierce Last Man Standing Match at Backlash.

Moments after Batista and The Deadman gave every last ounce of themselves in pursuit of the title, the unexpected sound of the World's Strongest Man's theme music rung throughout the Mellon Arena. At the end of one of the most savage Steel Cage Match in history, Henry nearly maimed The Phenom and left him a mess in the center of the ring. Only then, with the fallen gladiator ravaged, the Rated-R Superstar would come to claim his championship opportunity.

Just 24 hours after shrewdly coaxing Mr. Kennedy into defending the Money in the Bank opportunity and seizing it on Raw, Edge defected to SmackDown at the most opportune moment. One Spear and three counts of the referee's hand later, it was New Year's Revolution 2006 all over again. Yet again, Edge cashed in the Money in the Bank guarantee for a title match any time, any place, anywhere -- this time for the World Heavyweight Championship. As an opportunistic Edge stood as the newly crowned bearer of SmackDown's richest prize, the very landscape of sports-entertainment morphed to become Rated-R.

See this chaotic confrontation between The Animal and The Deadman as well as the new champion's vile, heinous master plan realized by tuning in Friday night, only on The CW Network.

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