Top Ranking Still Can't Satisfy Edge

It appears as though The Academy of Wrestling Arts and Sciences can do nothing to please Edge, who once again has expressed dissatisfaction and utter contempt over his ranking in this week's Power 25. Despite the fact that he currently sits atop the list at No. 1, apparently Edge must continue to be a drama king in order to call himself an "entertainment juggernaut."

The Academy responded to Edge's criticism last week by moving him back up to No. 1. The jump seemed appropriate after Edge's impressive performance on RAW. First, he took over the broadcast when he interrupted the Women's Championship Match between Trish Stratus and Mickie James to wax about the lack of respect shown for him in WWE. Next, he speared a charging Carlito, who had come to the ring to protect Trish from Edge and Lita's bullying. This set up a Mixed Tag Match later in the evening during which Edge delivered a vicious spear to Trish, allowing Lita to cover her incapacitated opponent and pick up the win for her team. The win, combined with King Booker taking a night off from SmackDown, allowed Edge to rise to what he thought was his rightful ranking, and what The Academy thought would be a satisfying position. In addition, Edge was named J.R.'s Superstar of the Week on, but the Rated R Superstar has proved impossible to please. Perhaps J.R. was right on Monday night when he suggested that Edge has completely lost his head.

"Like I said, I'll wipe my ass with that damn list," sneered the WWE Champion. "I'm impressive every week on RAW, that doesn't change from week to week. The people around me may falter, but I never do. I'm the MVP of this show, the Rated R Superstar, an entertainment juggernaut. I'm also the highest rated champ this company has seen in the last five years. That being said, I should be No. 1 every week. Thank you very much."

Unfortunately for Edge, there's a long list of WWE Superstars who probably feel a bit differently. One of those Superstars is John Cena, who will be challenging Edge for the WWE Championship at SummerSlam in just four days. Though Edge has thrived on what he calls "psychological warfare," he will have to count on his pure physical ability on Sunday, as the match stipulates that the Championship can change hands on a disqualification. The outspoken Edge had this to say:

"Throughout both of my title reigns, the odds have always been stacked against me. But some way, somehow I always end up clawing my way to the top. At SummerSlam, I will find a way. No matter what, I always find a way. I'll claw my way out of SummerSlam, if I have to, with the WWE Championship."

But has Edge's psychological warfare gone too far? Did his invasion of Cena's home in West Newberry, Mass. and his despicable slap to the face of Cena's father awaken the wrath of his challenger? Will Edge be clawing for his No. 1 ranking after SummerSlam? The Biggest Party of the summer is just days away, so be sure to catch all the action live on pay-per-view on Sunday at 8:00 p.m. ET.


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