Rated R-age

This week's Power 25 elicited another angry response from a WWE Superstar, and while no Academy members have been driven through their desks as of press time, the Superstars seem to be growing impatient. This week, the angry Superstar was WWE Champion Edge, who was so perturbed by his No. 3 ranking that he threatened to, well, let's just say that he proposed a certain "Rated R" use for the P25 list.

"Champ…means No. 1. Flagship show, flagship Superstar, MVP -- that's me," said a frustrated Edge.

The Academy blamed Edge's drop on his tag team loss last week on RAW. The argument could be made that Edge shouldn't have dropped as a result of a loss in a non-title match, but the fact of the matter is that he and his partner, Johnny Nitro, could not get past Ric Flair and John Cena, Edge's biggest rival and top contender for the WWE Championship. The Rated R Superstar would beg to differ.

"[That loss] can be placed firmly on the shoulders of Johnny Metro," Edge mocked. "I had nothing to do with the loss. As a matter of fact, I was trying to come in and make the save and he tapped out."

Whether or not he accepts blame for the defeat, Edge was Nitro's teammate, and that tap-out cost him two spots on the P25. Despite his frustration, however, the WWE Champion is not likely to dwell on his ranking.

"After SummerSlam, after this week, after next week, they'll have no choice but to make me No. 1. Everybody tries to hold me down -- it doesn't matter. Eventually I fight my way and claw my way back up to the top. I'm too smart to stay down at No. 3."

While it is certainly a bit odd to hear the WWE Champion talk about clawing back to the top, there should be no doubt in anyone's mind that Edge is hell-bent on proving to all comers, especially The Academy of Wrestling Arts and Sciences, that he is the undisputed choice for No. 1.

"You know what I'm gonna do with their list? I'm gonna wipe my ass with it," Edge barked.

At least that will ensure all those below him of a beautiful view of the man at the top.  

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