'MADtv' sharpened its Edge

'MADtv' sharpened its Edge

Fox's sketch comedy show, MADtv, had a bit of an Edge Saturday night, as the Rated-R Superstar flexed his funny bone. The Raw Superstar showed off his comedic acting skills during the show's opener and on its recurring Korean soap opera skit.

During the opener, MADtv's Arden Myrin admitted Edge is her wrestling crush. A smug Edge replied by boasting that he's been working out a lot lately to prepare for WrestleMania 23.

"I don't know if I could handle your workout; I bet it's hard," Myrin flirted.

"Oh, it's hard alright," he responded coyly, picking Myrin up and using her as a barbell.

Then an audience member told Edge he's looking "soft, like an underbaked soufflé," to which the Rated-R Superstar responded by throwing a few funny punches, and Myrin, at the guy.

A few skits later, Edge returned on the season finale of MADtv's recurring Korean soap opera, Attitudes and Feelings, Both Desirable and Sometimes Secretive. Edge played vengeful Canadian executor, Cornell Overstreet, who is sent to kill Dr. Poon Ji-Sum, who is played by Bobby Lee. Edge's other co-stars in the Korean soap opera were Cathy Shim and Sung Kang.

Unfortunately for Edge, Lee's character beat him to the ground during a hilarious fight scene.

"I'm such a strong and sexy man, how is it I'm overcome by such a tiny blimp of a pork dumpling?" Edge asked.

The Korean soap opera season ended with Lee straddling Edge, as Shim's character, Ms. Long Bong (who is either the Dr. Poon Ji-Sum's sister or lover), entered the room and recognized Edge, ending the skit with yet another wacky mystery.

After Edge taped MADtv, WWE.com talked to his Korean soap opera co-stars, who were delighted to have filmed the scene with the Raw Superstar.

"Working with Edge was wonderful. I'm a fan. I think Edge's acting abilities are amazing," Lee said. "I was really looking forward to the fight scene with Edge."

Shim said she also enjoyed working with Edge and thinks WWE fans will get to see him in more comedic roles like the one he played on MADtv.

"He's got the looks down. When you do comedy, you have to have those facial expressions and he's got those down to a T," Shim said. "When he came in with his eyebrows and all that stuff, his timing was great. If you watch the fight scene, too, it was hilarious. He did a great job."

Shim also couldn't help but comment on the Rated-R Superstar's looks. While she shared a kiss with Lee during the scene, she said she daydreamed about kissing Edge instead.

"I mean a girl can daydream. He's very one-of-a-kind. He's got the long hair. It's kind of reminiscent of Fabio, but a very good-looking version of the real Fabio," she laughed. "He's just really hot, and his feet are enormous! They are huge. His biggest toe was bigger than my longest finger. It was insane!  (Check out Edge's MADtv photo gallery for visuals.)

Edge's MADtv debut was a success, and the Rated-R Superstar told WWE.com he couldn't be happier with his appearance on the show.

"I got to bounce around an office in a Korean soap opera with a really funny actor. That's not really work for me, that's just a good time. Hopefully that translated," Edge said.

"It was my very first time doing MADtv. It was a good experience. I had a lot of fun," he said. "When it came to fight scenes or any kind of goofiness, they trusted that basically I'm an idiot and maybe realized that, and just let me go with it. We had fun."

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