ECW and SmackDown team up for live events

WWE officials have announced that as of Dec. 26, SmackDown Superstars and ECW Extremists will be touring together for live events. Officials say that this is a great opportunity for WWE and ECW fans alike to experience the unparalleled action of both brands combined

Sources say that WWE officials were concerned because the attendance at some of the ECW live events hasn't been as strong as initially projected.

ECW representative Paul Heyman had the following response to these huge changes that will commence the day after Christmas.

"Well, it's no secret that ECW does not have the resources that are available to RAW and SmackDown," explained a frank Heyman. "We're too early into the relaunch of the brand and you can't expect ECW to perform at the same level as RAW and SmackDown without the same budget, personnel and man-power."

He continued, "Therefore, in an effort to maximize the budget and give our ECW fans the most bang for their buck, we're going to be combining live events with the SmackDown brand to bring the most star power, the most action-packed and the most main events available in one given night."

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