Sentenced to Hell has learned that the Hell in a Cell Match pitting D-Generation X against the McMahons and Big Show will take place at Unforgiven, in what will be the first tag team encounter in Hell in a Cell history.

On RAW, Mr. McMahon announced the match and it is now confirmed that this contest will take place in less than three weeks in Toronto, Canada. On Sept. 17, the fun and games that D-Generation X has enjoyed in recent weeks will take a turn for the Extreme when ECW World Champion Big Show takes position in the corner of Vince and Shane McMahon in a fierce Hell in a Cell Match. One of the most feared apparatuses in sports-entertainment, the Hell in a Cell is known to shorten the careers of all WWE Superstars who enter its walls.

Against the odds yet again, D-Generation X will be at a numerical and size disadvantage at Unforgiven. As Triple H and Shawn Michaels prepare to battle the McMahons and the massive ECW Champion, the only advantage DX may have is their combined seven Hell in a Cell matches. Without question, the war that will ensue between these men within the demonic cell structure will certainly be their most vicious collision to date.

The issue between DX and the McMahons began earlier in the summer and grew more and more hostile with each passing week. Ultimately, at SummerSlam, despite the help of Umaga, SmackDown's Mr. Kennedy, Sir William Regal and U.S. Champion Finlay, and even ECW World Champion Big Show, DX endured the McMahons' best efforts and prevailed.

Following their victory on Aug. 20, the biggest party of the summer continued for DX as they not only seized the lavish office of Mr. McMahon, but also spray-painted their lime green logo on Mr. McMahon's proudest prizes: his private jet, his limousine and even the WWE world headquarters itself. In doing so, it seems that DX may have driven the Chairman over the edge and awakened a much more dangerous side of the WWE owner that lusts for the blood of the degenerate duo.

Before the Chairman declared that DX would face him, Shane McMahon and Big Show in Hell in a Cell, the ECW World Champion brutalized both degenerates until Vince McMahon himself added further assault with a solid lead pipe. Unrestrained, a ravenous Mr. McMahon tore into both The Game and HBK with multiple shots to the head, causing the blood to flow from the skulls of both DX members.

Though the Chairman victimized them on RAW, Triple H and Michaels have notable histories in Hell in a Cell Matches. Having made six appearances in this type of match, The Game bears a formidable Cell record; Triple H has beaten the likes of Kevin Nash, Chris Jericho, Hardcore Legend Cactus Jack and even his partner at Unforgiven, Shawn Michaels. Not only did Michaels battle The Game in one of the most memorable Cell clashes, HBK also competed in the first-ever Hell in a Cell Match in October 1997 where he managed to defeat Undertaker.

On each occasion, the Hell in a Cell hasn't failed to deliver some of the most brutal images to ever be seen in sports-entertainment. One man who is sure to deliver a few such images of his own images is the monstrous Big Show. Since his emergence on the ECW roster, Big Show has dominated any and all challengers to his World Title -- Extremist and WWE Superstar alike. At SummerSlam and on RAW, DX has proven to be ineffective in their attempts to slay the invading giant. In mere weeks, The Game and HBK will stand toe-to-toe with this Extreme World Champion as well as the devious and plundering men of the McMahon clan within the vast confines of unforgiving steel.

Has Mr. McMahon finally found the one individual that will enable him to conquer his bold rivals? Or will the combined Hell in a Cell experience of The Game and HBK be the most critical factor heading into Unforgiven? What will either force do to gain the advantage before their hellacious confrontation on Sept. 17? Find out by watching RAW every Monday night at 9/8 7 CT only on the USA Network.

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