Be a legendary manager with the new WWE DVD Board Game

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The WWE DVD Board Game 2nd Edition is an all new game with all new rules. RAW Superstars Johnny Nitro and Melina and a lucky WWE fan played the game recently in the Superstars' locker room.

The game, which is loaded with cool WWE video clips, photos, music and trivia, allows players to manage a roster of WWE Superstars and Legends in eight new matches hosted by Jerry "The King" Lawler. As for the recent heated game in the WWE Superstars' locker room, everyone had a great time playing.

"I absolutely love the new board game, but there's a huge problem. I think that there's a design flaw. The Johnny Nitro character card only gets paid $38,000, and a salary of $7,000. I think that was a misprint because in real life, the numbers are a lot more than that," Johnny Nitro told

The Intercontinental Champion said he won the heated session of the WWE DVD Board Game against his favorite opponent.

"My favorite person to play against is Melina, because playing against her and playing with her is what I like to do," Nitro said.

Melina agreed that the new DVD Board Game is fun, and she wanted to take it home. She said her favorite opponent is Johnny Nitro.

"Johnny Nitro always makes things fun. He's not a sore winner or a sore loser, but his reactions to things are really comical and he's very entertaining which makes the game that much more entertaining," the WWE Diva said.

"I won. Oh, he wishes he won!" Melina said. "Actually, he did. But in my own mind, I won. Just like I win every game."

No one had more fun playing the WWE DVD Board Game than the lucky WWE fan who stumbled upon Nitro and Melina in the Superstars' locker room.

"It was a dream come true. How many times in my life will I get the opportunity to play the WWE DVD Board Game with a WWE Superstar and a Diva? I think I fell in love with Melina, and I don't think Nitro liked it when tried try to talk to Melina. I always thought she [Melina] was amazing looking on TV, but when I saw her in person, she was the hottest thing I've ever seen!" the WWE fan said.

"I was winning, until Nitro stole all my money — which I guess, technically, makes him the winner. It was hard to get the game moving because every two seconds Nitro would be flirting with Melina, so I'd have to wait every time it was his turn to roll the dice."

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