WWE DVD Board Game

Become a General Manager for World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc.
 First-Ever WWE® DVD Board Game Gives Fans the Power
to Manage a Roster of WWE Superstars

Toronto, ON, (October 2005) -- World Wrestling Entertainment® (WWE) fans can now challenge each other for the title of General Manager in the new WWE DVD Board Game developed by Specialty Board Games (SBG) in a licensing agreement with WWE.

For the first time, players are in control of a dynasty competing in a race to be declared General Manager and win the WWE DVD Board Game by collecting all of the Championship Titles from either Raw® or SmackDown!®.  To prove they are worthy of the honor, players must manage salaries, win/losses, fatigue, and injuries of top Superstars like John Cena™, Batista™ and Triple H™ while traveling around the board following a typical WWE week-by-week schedule competing on Raw, SmackDown! or a Pay-Per-View event. Along the way, interactive group or solo DVD challenges featuring WWE footage test players' knowledge. 
"The unpredictability and excitement of managing a stable of Superstars inside and outside of the ring is recreated within the game," said Mark Sutcliffe, President, Specialty Board Games. "The WWE DVD Board Game will test a fan's true ability to earn the most controversial management position in WWE, General Manager."
The game board features authentic WWE graphics and a miniature ring where the real battles take place.  The board also features areas that recreate the politics of backstage where anything can happen.

According to Sutcliffe, the interactive DVD challenges improve the play experience with trivia, mind teasers and clips from recent WWE highlights.  The WWE DVD content allows for eight unique game experiences without repeating previously viewed challenges. 

Donna Goldsmith, Senior Vice President of Consumer Products, WWE commented, "The WWE DVD Board Game is another means for our fans to submerge themselves in the WWE experience.  It's an opportunity for fans to be one step closer to the action and feel the same excitement they acquire from watching our television programs."

The game is available in stores across North America and the UK. Players age 10 and up can compete against 2 to 8 players in the WWE DVD Board Game. The suggested retail price is $29.99. For more information visit www.playsbg.com

About WWE
Additional information on World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. (NYSE: WWE) can be found at wwe.com and corporate.wwe.com.  For our activities in Canada, go to Canada.wwe.com

About SBG
Specialty Board Games (SBG) Inc, based in Barrie, Ontario, Canada, creates, markets and distributes board games and DVD board games for the domestic and international family board game markets. SBG has signed a multi-year deal with WWE to license the international interactive DVD board game rights for WWE. www.playsbg.com

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