WWE Fanatic dream job

WWE Fanatic dream job

WWE fans who grew up with posters of Superstars on their walls, hoping to one day be a part of the sports-entertainment world, now have an opportunity for their dreams to come true. WWE, one of the title partners with Speed Stick 24/7, will team up with Mennen to provide one lucky WWE fan the chance of a lifetime.

During the Wrestling Fanatic Dream Job week, the most deserving applicant will travel to either New York or Stamford, Conn. to be Time Keeper for a non-televised match. In addition, the winner will assist the WWE Magazine staff at a photo shoot, assist a Superstar or Diva at the shoot, have a picture taken with the talent to appear in WWE Magazine, spend a day at WWE to help prepare for a pay-per-view event and serve as Fan Ambassador with WWE fan mail and phone calls. The entire experience will be recorded and streamed on WWE.com.

Mennen promises contestants will be judged on desire rather than usual job qualifications. Choosing a winner will likely come down to a matter of creativity, as a result.

"Our brand is about helping the average person achieve success, so we turned the interview process upside down to give them an equal chance to win their dream job experience," said Anu Sehgal, associate brand manager for the Colgate-Palmolive Company.

Mennen judges will determine whose dream will come true based on video applications. Videos will be considered through July 31. For more information, WWE fans should go to Guy Mennen's rules page.

WWE fans who don't think video captures their charm will be able to apply in person, as well. The Guy Mennen Sweet Smell of Success Tour will be coming through major cities. Attendants of the tour will be able to take part in the Call-a-Match element, which gives consumers the chance to call the action for a WWE match and receive a DVD of their performance afterward.

To learn more about the contest and the Guy Mennen Sweet Smell of Success Tour, visit www.guymennen.com and find out how to make your dreams come true.

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