Diva Search finalists ready to dazzle the Hard Rock Cafe

Hundreds of WWE fans have been lining the streets of New York City's Times Square since early this afternoon, eager to enter the Hard Rock Cafe to watch the 2006 $250,000 Diva Search, live at 10/9 CT tonight on USA. Inside the Hard Rock Cafe, it's the calm before the storm. Layla El, Jen England and J.T. Tinney are getting ready for one of the biggest nights of their lives. In between getting their hair and make up done, the final three took a few minutes to talk to WWE.com.

"I'm extremely nervous right now, there's so many things going through my head," Layla said. "But I'm excited at the same time. I still feel like I gave it the best that I could give it. I just think it's an amazing accomplishment to have made it this far."

Layla told WWE.com that the Diva Search competition has made her a stronger person, and it has given her the guts to always speak her mind. Becoming a WWE Diva would be icing on the cake for the Miami Heat dancer.

"To be a WWE Diva will be a dream come true. I didn't think I could ever accomplish it, but the closer I'm getting, I know I could do this job and it would change my life and make me feel a lot more whole, a lot more content, a lot more happy about myself, and also know I took these risks, and it wasn't in vain," Layla said.

Jen is just as happy as the other finalists to be at the Hard Rock Cafe tonight for the live Diva Search finale.

"I feel good. I think we're all a little nervous, but everyone's really excited. It should be fun. We're here in New York. It should be a good time," Jen told WWE.com.

Jen said the Diva Search was the most fun, but toughest competition she's ever been in. It's taught her to be strong, but still have a good time. Before going on stage tonight, Jen had one more message for the WWE fans:

"Please keep voting for me. I want to come to your city. I want to feel the energy. I want to meet you guys. There's nothing I want more in the world right now than to be a part of WWE."

As for J.T., she also said she's nervous and anxious to find out who will be the next WWE Diva. She told WWE.com she's prepared for anything, and is honored to be in the Diva Search finals, especially since it's her first time in New York City.
"There were eight beautiful girls to start with, and now there are three. To make top three… I'm ecstatic about it. It's probably the biggest thing that's ever happened to me," J.T. said.

J.T. says the Diva Search competition has made her stay true to herself, and it's paid off.

"I do my own thing. I don't care what the other people say. I've done that the whole competition, and it's worked out for me. … This is what I want to do. I want to entertain. I want to wrestle. So to win this, would put me right where I want to be.

"Thank you to everyone who supported me. I will give it 100 percent. I'm ready to kick some ass," J.T. said.

Outside the Hard Rock Cafe, WWE fans are pumped for tonight's live show on USA. Everyone in the crowd has a favorite, and WWE.com caught up with some of the WWE fans to see which Diva hopeful they're rooting for.

Frankie De La Rosa, from the Bronx, N.Y., said he's 90 percent sure Layla is going to win.

"She's very athletic and I think she has what it takes to be a WWE Diva. She's one-of-a-kind," he said. "She's going to win."

Jen fans were in full-effect, too. Tiffany from Queens, N.Y., said she was a Milena Roucka fan, but after she was eliminated on RAW this week, she started pulling for Jen.
"I'm hoping that Jen wins," Tiffany said. "I voted for Jen."

Ron from Brooklyn, N.Y., is among the J.T. fans at the Hard Rock Cafe tonight.
"She's beautiful. I love her hair. I think her body is pretty cool," he said. But J.T. isn't the only woman he's there to see tonight.

"If Ashley's here, I'd love to see her," Ron said of last year's Diva Search winner.

Tune into USA tonight at 10/9 CT to the 2006 $250,000 Diva Search Finals to see hosts Ashley and Todd Grisham crown the next WWE Diva live from the Hard Rock Cafe. And if you still haven't voted, do so now online or via text message.

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