Divas get schooled

This week at WWE and ECW live events, Divas from Raw, SmackDown and ECW met for the first time with a pair of renowned choreographers to establish signature entrances for each of the Divas.

Having worked with stars such as Britney Spears, Janet Jackson and Beyoncé, artistic directors Brian Friedman and Nick Florez were elated to finally be introduced to the Sexiest Women on Television. Both told WWE.com that their initial impression of the Divas was one of genuine admiration.

"[The Divas] know how they want to be perceived," said Friedman -- a judge on Fox's So You Think You Can Dance. "They know what they want and they all have pretty high goals. Our job is to help them reach those goals."

Friedman and Florez explained that their involvement with the Divas will be focused on developing and bringing out their unique personalities and "elaborating on their sensuality" in and outside the ring.

"Each Diva is so separate and individual," Florez said. "This will be about us finding the history of why they're here and what their character's about. It's a whole new world."
Still, even in this whole new world, Friedman maintained that WWE fans will not be alienated or shocked by a sudden change in their favorite femme fatales.

"What WWE fans see [in the Divas] is just going to be enhanced," he said. "We're taking what's already there and adding some seasoning to it."

One Diva who caught the attention of the Hollywood choreographers was the 2005 $250,000 Diva Search Winner Ashley. The SmackDown Diva struck them as not just talented but also very driven and focused on her craft. Accordingly, Ashley also felt positive about her first encounter with the artistic directors.

"Any opportunity to accentuate your qualities, abilities, or personality would be wonderful," admitted Ashley. "If that's what they bring forth, then I think this is a great idea."

ECW's favorite exhibitionist Kelly Kelly is equally excited about exploring new performance techniques and bringing more of her own personality onto camera.

"The choreographers are amazing," said an excited Kelly. "They focus on what we're good at and they are open to listening and providing input." She continued, "I think I have a lot to gain from this experience and ECW and WWE fans will love a new kind of interaction with Divas."

Like Kelly, Florez said he believes the Divas stand a lot to discover about themselves and their goals with a little assistance from both he and Friedman.

"This is an evolution," he said. "I'm going to be excited to see the Divas gain popularity…and get featured more often in mainstream media because they're really talented women."

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