Divas do the U.K.

Candice Michelle, Torrie Wilson and Maria heat things up week after week on RAW, and now they're doing the same for the pages of the United Kingdom edition of FHM, the popular men's magazine.

The six-page spread is on U.K. newsstands now and features many revealing images of the girls, proving that the WWE Divas are red-hot all over the world.

"Hopefully this photo shoot means that we'll be in more magazines in the United Kingdom," said Torrie. "FHM is finally realizing that WWE is such a hot commodity in their country and having the Divas in their magazine would be a huge thing."

A lot of the Divas are used to being on their own photo shoots. But, according to Torrie, the more Divas involved the better.

"I always have a lot more fun when there're other girls there that I know," she said. "On your down time you have time to just chill out, and it makes it a lot easier. Sometimes when you're by yourself you can get lonely or bored."

Candice, who recently showed her true colors on RAW when she slapped Torrie (weeks after the photo shoot had been completed), disagreed with Torrie's sentiment.

"I like it better when all of the attention is focused on you and the whole spread is just about you," said Candice. "When you have three girls, you have to split up the spread. It would have been better if it was just me."

While Candice and Torrie may disagree on who deserves the most attention, they can agree on one thing -- the end result is hot.

"The fans will be able to see a little bit more of all three of us," said Candice. "There's a little bit of biography stuff, but they'll definitely want to see the smokin' hot pictures."

"It was definitely a hot photo shoot," said Torrie. "We all had great shoots, and the fans won't be disappointed."

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