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Some of the sexiest women to ever grace television offer candid advice to WWE fans’ most pressing personal questions in Divas Uncensored in the September issue of WWE Magazine, which is on sale now. In the sexy monthly feature, Ashley, Maria and Melina (and this month, Women’s Champion, Mickie James, joins in, too) dish on issues such as sex, relationships, love, physical issues and grooming.

“Who better to give sex and relationship advice other than some of the sexiest women in the world, the Divas?” says WWE Magazine editor-in-chief, Tony Romando. “They’re together 300 days a year.  If they haven’t shared more sex and relationship stories, who has?”

Each column is spiced up with a sexy photo of the Divas. Last month we saw them doing laundry together; this month, Ashley, Melina and Maria play strip poker, while Mickie serves up dirty martinis.

“That’s like a guy’s dream come true,” Romando says, adding that next month’s Divas Uncensored photo “involves popcorn, underpants and a lot of yelling and screaming.”

Ashley says she’s a pretty open person towards her friends and WWE fans, and there’s practically no question that crosses the line. One question from the September issue reads: “My girlfriend recently discovered my love for adult films, and is ‘creeped out.’ How do I explain to her that it’s totally harmless?”

“I don’t generally talk about porn with the general public, especially in a magazine,” Ashley tells

Her advice in Divas Uncensored: “Any guy who says he doesn’t watch it is totally lying. … You’re living in a fantasy if you don’t believe it’s happening. … And girls, why not make your own movie for him?”

Romando says while he loves all three Divas’ advice-giving skills, he thinks nobody solves a problem like Maria.

“I think it’s because she’s from Illinois, and I’m from Illinois, and there’s nothing better than a sexy Illinois chick, like a farm girl,” Romando says.

And what would he ask Maria?

“Dear Divas, would it be inappropriate to suggest to my wife that we spice up our sex life by enlisting the sweaty help of three panty-clad sex pots? And if this is inappropriate, would it be fair to dump the bitch?” Romando writes in an e-mail.

When it comes to needing advice, Ashley says she has a good grip on reality and can usually work out her own questions, but she’s not opposed to asking for help.

“I think if I did have a question, I’d probably just generally talk to everybody about it, talk to my friends and family, and just weigh everybody’s opinions,” she says. “Don’t ever put all your eggs in one basket.”

As for Maria and Melina, Ashley says they’re great at giving advice and encourages readers to read what all three Divas have to say.

“It’s nice to get a different opinion, and weigh everybody’s advice and opinion,” Ashley says.

Romando says the Divas’ advice is the real deal because they share stories about their own lives in Divas Uncensored, even those embarrassing moments.

“The Divas will share everything,” Romando says.

For now, Ashley, Maria and Melina are the Divas Uncensored mainstays, but Romando says every now and then other WWE Superstars will offer advice, too, so don’t be surprised if a male Superstar shows up on the pages in the future.

“We’ll mix it up,” Romando says.

For more sexy advice from the Divas, and to read the latest hot Q&A session, check out Divas Uncensored in the September issue of WWE Magazine. Got a question you’d like to ask the Divas? E-mail

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