Ted DiBiase's home avoids major damage

Ted DiBiase is going home Thursday. And for that, he feels blessed.

DiBiase, who lives in Clinton, Mississippi with his wife and three sons, was in Tampa, Florida, when Hurricane Katrina rocked much of the Gulf Coast Monday. DiBiase, a WWE legend who now works with the company, had some anxious moments as he watched the horrible storm unfold on television while he tried to reach his family via phone.

"That was the most difficult time," DiBiase said. "Those hours, not knowing exactly when it's coming and then not being able to reach anyone because all the phone lines are jammed."

Fortunately, the area of Mississippi where DiBiase lives avoided the brunt of Katrina.

"We got really lucky," DiBiase said. "We went virtually unscathed. Just a couple of trees uprooted, limbs in the yard, things like that."

Still, DiBiase, who wrestled frequently in the New Orleans area when he was younger and still has many friends in the city, has been shaken by the damage that he's seen so far. In fact, Hattiesburg, Mississippi, a town just 80 miles from DiBiase's home, was hit extremely hard by the storm.

"I started my wrestling career in the mid-south," DiBiase said. "I'm very familiar with the area and it's just a shock to watch it on television and realize the devastation that took place."

DiBiase, who is also a minister, has a close friend who pastors a large church in New Orleans. DiBiase went as far as to offer his home to his friend, who eventually found shelter elsewhere.

"He called me the other day and he thinks they lost everything," DiBiase said. "To have a storm that enormous so close to my home, I feel very fortunate."

DiBiase plans to organize some fund-raising efforts once he returns home in connection with his local church.

"My heart goes out to those people,' DiBiase said. "I'm going to get the word out through my ministry to raise money or supply food and clothing for the victims. Anything I can do to help."

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