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It's no surprise to hear that Friday Night SmackDown will be THE integral part of the new CW network. In fact, even the stars of the other shows on the network are elated to be associated with WWE.

WWE was on hand at the recent CW network Upfront party. A multitude of stars were in attendance and got to talk to a few to get their thoughts on SmackDown's presence on the CW network.

Jason Dohring from "Veronica Mars" thinks SmackDown will bring a great audience to CW, while "Runaway" star Donnie Wahlberg actually seems a bit worried saying "I don't know if we can compete with SmackDown, it's a pretty big primetime show."

Other stars in attendance at the Upfront party revealed themselves to be big fans of WWE. Dustin Milligan, also from "Runaway" was "stoked" because he got to take a picture with King of the Ring Booker T. Milligan proudly showed off the picture on his cell phone. "Smallville's" Annette O'Toole professed her love of WWE and Ric Flair specifically, claiming to be the world's biggest Ric Flair fan.

SmackDown has been one of the highest-rated programs for UPN on Friday nights since it moved there and now WWE is looking forward to helping the CW network gain the same level of success and ratings for their Friday nights. Stay tuned for more information on WWE and the new CW network.

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