The Chairman speaks on Kurt Angle

On Friday afternoon, WWE and Kurt Angle came to a mutual agreement on an early release from Angle's contract. Several WWE Superstars have given their reactions to Angle's release, and on Monday afternoon, spoke with WWE Chairman Vince McMahon about it as well.

"It's unfortunate that Kurt was released, and it's really unfortunate for the WWE fans who, for a while at least, won't see Angle in action," the Chairman told "(Angle) is a consummate professional; obviously he's a great athlete, and he's the only Olympic Gold Medalist in WWE history. Not to have Kurt with us is really unfortunate all the way around...but circumstances were such that Kurt should have been, and was, granted his release."

However, McMahon also said that Angle's success has come at a price, and that price is part of what led to his situation.

"Kurt has a history of being one of the greatest athletes that America has ever seen. It's no secret that even when Kurt won the Olympic Gold Medal, he did so with a broken neck," he said. "Kurt has been dealing with that pain, and the advancement of that pain, as well as other injuries. He had been dealing with that injury since he won the gold medal; he had been masking it in many ways just so he could go out and compete. Kurt only knows 100-percent; he is not one of those guys who can go out and compete at an 85-percent level. He just cannot do that; he's a thoroughbred. He has to go as fast, and as great, and as strong as he possibly can; that's the only way Kurt Angle knows."

The Chairman also confirmed that the door is always open for Angle to return if and when he is able.

"WWE would certainly welcome Kurt back with open arms," the Chairman affirmed. "I think Kurt has some issues he has to face, as we all do from time to time. We all have our demons, and as human beings, it is important for us to overcome them and become better human beings, athletes and business people."

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