Cena in USA Today

In today's USA Today, WWE Champion John Cena and Kelly Carlson, his co-star in The Marine, which opens Friday, are featured in the newspaper's Life section. They are compared to the ultimate action star/femme fatale pairing, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sharon Stone in 1990's Total Recall:

"The Marine's John Cena, 29, and Kelly Carlson, 30, are ready to fill the void left by those former big-screen titans, co-starring as John and Kate Triton in the WWE-produced action adventure film opening Friday.

"Like Schwarzenegger, who started out as a bodybuilding champ, Cena has a body that supersedes his acting resume. He has wrestled with the WWE since 2002. Though he has yet to meet the Governator, he has received sage advice from wrestler-turned-actor Dwayne ‘The Rock' Johnson, who warned him about ‘the whole rocky road ahead.' "
-- USA Today


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