Cena gets sexy in People

John Cena is not only a tough WWE Champion and a talented actor in The Marine, which is in theaters now, but he's sexy, too. In the People magazine on newsstands Oct. 13, Cena is named Sexy Man of the Week.

People touts: "John Cena: Beneath his brawn, this pro wrestler turned action star has ‘no game' with the ladies and is one mean… chess player?"

Does that say a chess player? Apparently so! And it's not Cena's only special skill.

"Believe it or not, I can cook one hell of a barbecue -- I could earn my living on the grill if need be," he claims. And that's not his only hobby. "I also play chess," he says to People. "It's a lost art."

The feature also includes a sexy photo of Cena lounging on a couch, and tidbits on his behavior around girls, growing up with four brothers and his 10-year plan for life. For all this, check out the People magazine on newsstands today.


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