Cena up for 'Late Night'

John Cena's final stop on Tuesday's media blitz for The Marine release on Friday was NBC's Late Night with Conan O'Brien. The WWE Champion's visit to the talk show proved that not only is Cena a talented WWE Superstar and actor, but a very funny guy, too.

O'Brien welcomed Cena to the Late Night stage, and similar to other talk show hosts Cena's visited recently, O'Brien held the WWE Championship up to his waist to plenty of audience applause.

"It looks very, very nice on you, my friend," Cena said to O'Brien before taking a seat. "You still provide a nice, comfortable seat for my oversized baby bottom posterior."

"That's how you refer to your bottom as your ‘oversized baby bottom posterior'?" O'Brien replied as the audience laughed.

"Well, you gotta keep it clean for mooning incidents and whatnot," Cena said.

You know what? You're a very humble man, carrying this around wherever you go," O'Brien joked, pointing to the WWE Championship proudly displayed on Cena's shoulder.

"I love it -- you walk into a 7-Eleven, ‘I'll have a slushie. … What? Oh this?' " O'Brien said, pointing to a make-believe WWE Championship on his shoulder.

"I try to stay low-key," Cena joked. "I didn't even know it was there."

O'Brien told Cena he's fascinated by his job as a WWE Superstar since it's so different from his job as host of Late Night.

"Well, there are some similarities. We both have to be in fantastic physical shape," O'Brien kidded.

O'Brien also pointed out one of Cena's in-ring talents -- he's great at the staredown two Superstars have before a match.

"Well, it's a big thing. There's a lot of intimidating characters in our profession, and you have to have the staredown," Cena said, focusing his eyes strictly on O'Brien.

"Look at that! Yeah, that's pretty intense," O'Brien said. He asked Cena if he'd be intimated by him in a classic staredown, so they challenged each other to an on-the-spot staredown match.

As their eyes locked and jaws clenched, Cena's and O'Brien's faces moved closer. When they were mere inches apart, Cena said, "Why can't I quit you?" -- a serious line from the film Brokeback Mountain, which the Champ now turned into a funny joke. O'Brien jerked his head away and gasped as the audience roared.

"Works every time!" Cena said confidently.

Before Cena's entrance to the stage, O'Brien was distracted by a clip of Cena delivering a brutal FU to Viscera in the RAW ring.

"Now how heavy is that man? Who is that man?" O'Brien asked.

"That is the World's Largest Love Machine, Viscera. And he clocks in at about 550 pounds," the WWE Champion said as the crowd oohed.

"You lifted him over your head," a shocked O'Brien said.

"Yes, and it was like trying to transport a waterbed," Cena joked. "It was fascinating, actually."

"Incredible. So you slam this guy down -- that's one of the moves," O'Brien said. "I love that that's not a move you can teach to someone because one of the things you need to be able to do is lift 550 pounds over your head. So there's no way you're going to teach me that move?"

"No," Cena replied.

"OK, I could lift like an old, old man," O'Brien kidded. "I could get him about chest-high and then push him and then he'd push me back and I'd run away."

"That's not going to do much," Cena remarked, pretending to look serious.

Finally, O'Brien told Cena he had a clip from The Marine he wanted to share with the audience. He also asked Cena if he'd like to be an action star.

"I'd love it," Cena answered.

"I think you'd be terrific. I really do," O'Brien said sincerely.

"I'd feel right at home. I think it plugs right in to the WWE atmosphere," Cena said to audience cheers.

"So we have a clip here from The Marine.You're obviously playing a Marine. What do we need to know for this clip?" O'Brien asked.

"This is probably some sort of blistering action," Cena said.

"If this is a long, talking scene, you're going down," O'Brien laughed.

After a brutal, intense fight scene from The Marine featuring Cena and Anthony Ray Parker, the audience cheered again.

"That looks really good!" O'Brien said about the clip. "The Marine is in theaters this Friday. John, always fun talking to you. You're a good guy."

Instead of another staredown, the two shook hands and a smiling Cena flashed a peace sign and a big thumbs-up to the audience.


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