Cena, Lashley on FOX News

WWE Champion John Cena and ECW World Champion Bobby Lashley were special guests on FOX News' Your World with Neil Cavuto today. The pair was featured on the business news program to promote WWE's Tribute to the Troops in Iraq.

"It's just really close to the holidays, so it's very important for WWE to show its support for all the armed services," Cena told Cavuto.

"The trip is fantastic, and we're met with unbelievable support. I think this is one of the better times to go seeing as it's the holiday season where many men and women can't make it home," Cena continued.

The upcoming tour will be WWE's fourth time visiting the troops during the holiday season. Former Army sergeant Lashley is pumped for the trip.

"I've actually received a lot of emails from a lot of friends, a lot of the guys I went to basic training with and some of the guys I served with over at Fort Carson," Lashley explained. "They're really excited about coming and they're big WWE fans, so I'm excited about going there and putting on a great show for them."

Cena said he looks forward to the now-annual trip to visit the troops.

"The first year we went we were kind of skeptical about the atmosphere and the environment that would be over there because of the conflict. But we're met with the most unbelievable support and everyone is truly upbeat," Cena explained.

"I think it's as gratifying for them to have us there as it is for us to be there. And even though there's troubled times there, there's just an unbelievable amount of joy, respect and consideration they have for us there," Cena continued.

Cavuto asked Cena and Lashley if they'd return next year if the conflict in the Middle East isn't over. His question was met with a resounding "yes."

"I will do it anytime they need me," Lashley said.

"Absolutely," Cena added in.

"It was purely voluntary for us to go there, so next year if there's an opportunity, I will volunteer again," Lashley finished.


Cena and Lashley on FOX News

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