Cena extremely excited for ECW on Sci Fi

After being screwed out of the WWE Championship at ECW One Night Stand, John Cena snapped and has adapted an extreme mentality of his own. And in a shocking announcement on RAW, Cena announced that he would be bringing that new extreme mentality with him when he shows up at the ECW television debut on the Sci Fi Channel.

“At One Night Stand, I got an awakening as to how ECW does business. According to them, anyone can show up, and when they get there, they can do whatever they want,” he said to the crowd. “You know what I think? I think I like it. (Tuesday) is the television debut of ECW, and I’m gonna show up. And when I do, I’m gonna do whatever the hell I wanna do. So, Paul Heyman, thank you for throwing this party tomorrow because John Cena is gonna have an extremely good time.”

After starting to feel al ittle extreme himself, Cena is definitely looking forward to showing up in enemy territory once again.

"Yeah that’s right. I mean ECW is what it is. Everything goes and it is completely lawless, but they gotta realize that now my focus is shifted towards ECW," said Cena. "What I want is over there. I’m a hell of a good sports, I tip my cap to Rob Van Dam because he did what a lot of people said he couldn’t do. I personally want to see how he handles it. I guarantee to be there at the ECW television debut; I’d like to make a little history just like he did on Sunday night."

And while many people think that John Cena was screwed out of the WWE Championship, he's not one to put his head down and complain about how things worked out.

"People try to make controversy out of bulls**t. I’ve always said that a man’s character is not judged by how well he thrives in success, it’s how he bounces back after defeat, and Rob Van Dam has got to realize what I’ve known for the past year-and-a-half now, that when you’re the champ, everybody is gunning for you," said Cena. "But he’s also gotta realize that when you don’t have the belt, your focus is with one man, and that’s the man who holds the Championship. So, my focus right now is Rob Van Dam. I’ll let him have his night, but I’ll be there to make sure that I have my say in it."

John Cena got his first taste of an ECW Rules Match at WWE vs. ECW Head to Head, but that small dose of extreme could not prepare him enough for what he had to endure at ECW One Night Stand. Dealing with the ravenous crowd that vowed to riot if he won was one thing, but having to deal with interference from Edge and a three-count from someone who wasn’t even a licensed official is another. But somehow, when the smoke cleared at One Night Stand, Edge speared Cena through a table, Rob Van Dam hit the Five Star Frog Splash and Paul Heyman counted the 1-2-3 to make RVD the new Champion. The next night on RAW, Cena said that he had an awakening as to how ECW does business, and that awakening made him completely snap.

Cena was scheduled to face Edge in a one-on-one match on RAW, but as soon as the former Champ hit the ring, he went ballistic, throwing continuous lefts and rights. Lita jumped on top of Cena to try and save her man, and the referee called for the bell. Edge and Lita sprinted towards the crowd in a cowardly retreat, but Cena found some other victims.

Stevie Richards, Balls Mahoney and Justin Credible of ECW were all sitting ringside to cheer on Edge. When Cena realized that Edge had already fled the scene, he pulled the ECW wrestlers over the barricade and went into a maniacal rage the likes of which have never been seen from the former Champion. He made a steel chair his weapon of choice and leveled all three wrestlers with thunderous swings until no one was left standing.

Earlier in the evening, Paul Heyman gave the world an open invitation to join him on ECW’s television debut on the Sci Fi Channel, and apparently Cena gave his RSVP. To make matters even more interesting, Edge and Lita also said that they would be on hand for ECW on Sci Fi. Plus, to cap it off, Rob Van Dam will be re-christening the WWE Championship as the ECW Championship. Given Cena’s current state of mind, there’s no telling how he will react when all of those elements combine.

One thing is for certain, ECW’s debut on Sci Fi at 10/9 CT promises to be one extremely intense event.

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