Cena dishes up some 'Cold Pizza'

Not only was John Cena on ESPN2's Cold Pizza show this morning to promote The Marine, which hits theaters nationwide Friday, but the WWE Champion was honored with the sports morning show's first ever wrestling Top Play for his FU on World Champion King Booker on Monday night's season premiere of RAW on the USA Network.

"I don't know what action was more exciting -- John Cena in the ring or a clip from his new movie, The Marine," said Cold Pizza host Jay Crawford.

"Thank you very much for the nod on the Top Plays, I do appreciate that. That is a first. That is awesome. We're making history there," said Cena from the Cold Pizza set.

The Champ was dressed in street clothes, with the WWE Championship slung over his shoulder. Again he explains the differences between starring in a major motion picture like The Marine and what he does each week on RAW, defending his WWE Championship.

"There is a very big difference between going out there in front of 10,000 or 20,000 people every night in a small ring, being as excited as possible, and then working in that fine box, making a movie where the most subtle movement can mean the most important thing," Cena said.

Crawford asked Cena why WWE Superstars make such good action stars and noted that while it's Cena's first appearance in a major motion picture, he's already tearing up the big screen.

"What WWE is overall, it's physical athleticism. But we entertain people. It's a natural fit. We have Superstars. We have entertaining athletes. So to take them out of that sports-entertainment element and to put them on cinema, as long as it's in that environment they're comfortable with -- with me, a good fit was action -- so it works," Cena said.

Crawford also pointed out that The Rock went from the WWE ring to become a major movie star, and asked Cena if he has plans to follow in The Rock's footsteps.

"You know what? As far as full-time, I'd be one of those guys holding down two jobs at once. I really would love to become a full-time movie star, but at the same time, I just can't leave that ring. There's something about that electricity of the crowd," Cena said.

Crawford and Cena went on to discuss his match with Undertaker on Monday's RAW, and Cena described Undertaker as "probably the most intimidating person on the planet." The curious host also asked the WWE Champion to explain his trademark "You Can't See Me."

"That whole thing started out as a joke on my little brother. Before I really gained a lot of steam in WWE, I come from a family of five boys -- we're all kind of the same in age, but my youngest one, we were just messing around the house, doing a crazy dance, and he did something like this," Cena said as he shook his head behind his hand.

"I said that's stupid man, I'm going to get that on TV. And he said, ‘you won't do it,' so instead of doing that, I just came up with this," Cena said as he did his "You Can't See Me," waving his hand in front of his face. "And there's a terminology, like trash talk, like ‘You Can't See Me' means you're not on my level, so, ‘You Can't See Me,' here we go. It works every time!"

Since Cena is from Massachusetts and is a Boston Red Sox fan, he and Crawford talked about the future of Red Sox outfielder, Manny Ramirez (Cena says he hopes the Sox keep Ramirez). Crawford also pointed out Cena's desire to be a Sox bullpen catcher, and said there's a Major League catcher in the Cold Pizza studio -- the Chicago White Sox's A.J. Pierzynski, who Crawford said happens to "know a thing or two about wrestling." Pierzynski walked out into the Cold Pizza studio and said to Cena: "I'm issuing you a challenge right now. I'll take you on. Let's go."
"You'll take me on?" Cena asked. "Yeah, I've seen you take a hell of a beating, so I have to give you your respect there, former World Champion," Cena said, pointing out Pierzynski's 2005 World Series ring. "A former Champion, nonetheless."
Crawford went through a tale of the tape onscreen, comparing Cena and Pierzynski, and while Pierzynski is two inches taller and five pounds heavier than Cena, the WWE Champion said he's confident he could take the White Sox catcher.
"You got me a little bit on the reach, but I think I can handle it," Cena said.
"I got you on the weight, too, so I think I'd just lay on you for a while," Pierzynski joked.
But all is well that ends well -- Cena reminded Cold Pizza viewers that The Marine hits theaters nationwide Friday, and the WWE Champion and the World Series Champion shook hands, and Cena called Pierzynski "Champ."


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