Cena visits '106 & Park'

On Tuesday, John Cena continued his media tour to promote Friday's nationwide release of The Marine by stopping by 106 & Park: BET's Top 10 Live video countdown.

The WWE Champion was welcomed to the 106 & Park studio by a cheering crowd, and Cena stopped to hug an overjoyed female WWE fan in the audience. 106 & Park hosts Terrence J. and Rocsi were in awe of Cena's WWE Championship, and Rocsi asked to hold it.

"The Champ is here, everybody," Cena said, pointing at Rocsi.

"I am the mosquito-weight champion of the world, yo," she joked, struggling to hold up the heavy Championship. "You gotta for real work out to carry that belt!"

As the hosts and Cena sat on the couch of the 106 & Park set, Rocsi asked Cena about his Five Questions with the Champ segment on WWE.com. Rocsi said she and Terrence had their own five questions for Cena.

"I want to know how much you bench press," Rocsi asked for Question No. 1.      

"Well, I usually never kiss and tell. Well, let's say I can lift a 550-pound man over my head. Easily enough to show you a good time, that's for sure," he said, flirting with a very impressed Rocsi.

"Wow, OK! Rocsi, you all right?" Terrence asked Rocsi, who was fanning herself.

Question No. 2 from Terrence was about the difference between the spinner medallion vs. the spinner WWE Championship.

"I had to rock the medallion when I didn't have the gold. When I got the gold, I just changed the whole game up," Cena said, spinning the WWE logo in his Championship.

Rocsi wanted to know how John came up with the Chain Gang Soldiers for Question No. 3.

"I'm just a lucky kid who got a bunch of breaks. I'm just from a small town. I got lucky with a bunch of opportunities. So I never look at myself as a Superstar. I don't put anybody below or above anybody else because I realize that good and bad can switch like that. I don't want people going around saying, ‘I'm a John Cena fan.' I want people to be part of a movement, like a gang. And I thought, what better environment than the chain gang because they go through hell every day and we out there just doing it," Cena said.

For Question No. 4, Terrence asked Cena what was the hardest part growing up in such a large family.

"Not getting my ass whipped!" Cena revealed. He thanked his mom for doing such a great job raising him and his four brothers, just as he did earlier in the day on Cold Pizza.

For Question No. 5, Rocsi asked where Cena ranked in the family order, and the WWE Champion said he was second oldest, but that didn't matter -- all his brothers were close and constantly competing to see who was the toughest.

After introducing a Janet Jackson video, Cena, Terrence and Rocsi returned, and the Champ spoke about the premise of The Marine, how he prepared for his role as John Triton and WWE's support of the United States military.

"Belive it or not, I do get in a fight every now and again," Cena quipped, looking at the WWE Championship slung over his shoulder.

"And WWE has a really good relationship with all the armed services. We fully support anybody wearing those U.S. colors, anybody standing on the front lines or in a base doing what they do. WWE as a unit has a lot of support for our troops in the armed services," Cena said to audience applause. "Thank you very much. I've been to military bases. I've had the opportunity to go to Iraq and Afghanistan. So I've seen troops in every facet of their lives -- in recruit training, on the base for r-and-r, and I've been in the middle of a warzone. So I've used all that experience and all that I've seen to just kind of develop my character."

Finally, Cena told Terrence he was going to make the 106 & Park host tough by teaching him a WWE move.

"And this is going to be a stretch because you don't look tough at all!" Cena joked, causing the crowd to go wild.

"We are going to introduce you to the world of sports-entertainment with a very, very devastating move called the open-hand chop," Cena told Terrence as Rocsi looked on, holding the WWE Championship.

Cena showed Terrence his target -- the Champ's chest. The crowd loudly chanted, "Chop, chop, chop," and Terrence went for his first chop and barely grazed Cena's plaid shirt. The crowd booed and Cena was obviously disappointed. He gave Terrence another try, and Terrence hit Cena a bit harder and yelled, "I even pushed him back!" Cena joked it was his turn to try out the move on Terrence, as Rocsi begged him to do it. Terrence might be much smaller than Cena, but he's a quick thinker -- he decided to plug The Marine instead of letting Cena go for the chop.

"The Marine opens this Friday!" Terrence told the cheering crowd.


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