Not the big break Capotelli was expecting

"This sucks," Matt Capotelli recently told "It's like I went from my highest peak to my lowest valley in one night. I was getting ready to have a huge impact with WWE, and now this happens."

Capotelli, who most insiders believed was on the verge of making a big impact with WWE, was on the wrong end of a suplex when his ankle gave out on the landing. 

"It was just a freak thing," Capotelli told "It was a combination of where I landed and how the ring gave in. I knew right away, my fibula just snapped."

Capotelli said doctors have told him it will be close to eight weeks before he can return to the ring.

Still, Capotelli, a winner of Tough Enough III, only expects this injury to slow him down, not stop him.

"Something like this makes you look deep within yourself," Capotelli said. "I'm not going to dwell on the negative. I'm going to let this adversity fuel my heart and my drive. I have eight weeks to be better than I was before. Nobody is gong to pass me by, and when I come back I'm going to jump in right where I left off. This is just a bump in the road."




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