Cade & Murdoch angry at the Power 25's Power 25 has been stirring up some controversy with certain Superstars in WWE as of late—namely the former World Tag Team Champions Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch.

Ever since reuniting as a team several weeks ago, Cade & Murdoch have racked up several wins. But those victories haven't translated to the duo's reemergence in the Power 25. However, the same can't be said about another RAW tag team.

Since debuting on the July 3 edition of RAW, The Highlanders —Robbie and Rory McAllister — haven't shown any signs of jet-lag since making the trek from Scotland to the United States. Last week on RAW, the Highlanders even issued a challenge to the Spirit Squad for the World Tag Team Championship. While the Squad didn't respond to the invite, the Power 25 took notice of the Highlanders in-ring accomplishments and their eagerness to claim WWE gold, placing the kilt-donning duo in the No. 25 slot.

Noticeably absent from the list, Cade & Murdoch had a few choice words for the outsiders.

"The Highlanders are going to go down," said Cade. "It's just like everything else in this world, another foreigner taking an American job. Sooner or later they've got to get in the ring with us, and they're gonna wish they were on a plane heading back home."

Murdoch echoed his partner's disgruntled attitude towards the Power 25 newcomers.

"They haven't gotten in the ring with us yet, and that's when their vision of RAW is going to change, because Cade & Murdoch are gonna break them in half."

Judging by their unfamiliarity with U.S.A. customs — Robbie and Rory mistook a urinal for a toilet upon arrival to the U.S. — it's probably safe to say the Highlanders don't know of the Power 25, or the grief breaking onto it may cause them. However, obviously Cade & Murdoch do know of it, and are anxious to exert their frustrations for being left off.


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