Cablevision subscribers now channeling WWE 24/7

Cablevision subscribers now channeling WWE 24/7

Starting January 17, millions of Cablevision's digital subscribers throughout Connecticut, New York and New Jersey can wrestle for that TV remote—that's because the MSO (multi system operator) giant has agreed to become the 35th cable company to carry WWE 24/7 On Demand, effective immediately.

"WWE 24/7 On Demand is now available throughout the tri-state area to all Cablevision digital subscribers," stated Peter Clifford, WWE's senior vice-president, Affiliate Sales & Marketing. "Cablevision is among the larger MSO's that we've signed an agreement with, which is great news for our fans, and for us, especially since it's now available in WWE's own backyard."

Enabling WWE fans to "play, rewind, relive" up to more than 40 hours of wrestling-related programming each month, WWE 24/7 On Demand provides instant access to the world's largest wrestling library, from classic matches and pay-per-views, to never-before-seen ring action and original content. The library contains more than 75,000 hours of footage from WWE, WCW, ECW, AWA (American Wrestling Association), NWA (National Wrestling Alliance), SMW (Smoky Mountain Wrestling), WCCW (World Class Championship Wrestling), Stampede Wrestling and CWF (Championship Wrestling from Florida). Clifford believes that such an extensive archive makes WWE's agreement with Cablevision a natural fit, not to mention one of the most significant since the SVOD (Subscription Video on Demand) service launched in 2004.

"There are a handful of companies that control a majority of the cable television homes around the country, and Cablevision is one of them," he explained. "If you can get those companies to carry your product, then you've got a huge majority of the potential homes that can buy it."

According to Clifford, WWE will spend the next few weeks aggressively informing Cablevision digital subscribers of their new access to WWE 24/7 On Demand. "We're initiating a launch marketing campaign that includes commercial advertising on Cablevision, radio advertising, telemarketing and several other tactics to help spread the word." He also pointed out an additional incentive not available through most cable providers. "Most cable companies that have an SVOD product need you to call in and verbally order it," he explained. "Cablevision, however, is one of the few cable operators where you can ‘self-provision,' or buy, WWE 24/7 On Demand via your remote control."

With Cablevision making digital subscribers' spot on the couch forever secure, there's no reason to miss the greatest video-on-demand in sports-entertainment. And if you're among the dwindling few who don't have WWE 24/7 On Demand, put your digital cable provider in a headlock and insist on it.

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