Give your regards to broadband

Give your regards to broadband has launched a brand new broadband network. For the first time ever, WWE fans can access all the free videos on from one convenient location. The network features new content every day and hosts fan favorites like Superstar entrance videos, Heat, OMG Moments, Hardcore Hangover, previews of upcoming WWE DVDs and of course, weekly Raw and SmackDown highlights. currently streams over 40 million videos a month, and since WWE fans seem to love our videos, we've decided to give you even more to love! The broadband network includes eight brand new web-only programs.

WWE Sidesplitters is a weekly show featuring hilarious moments from WWE programming past and present. For the romantically challenged, Val Venis' Sex-U offers up love tips from Superstars like Maria, Viscera and Val himself. Seein' Superstars focuses on Hollywood celebs like the Carters, Steve-O, and Kevin Federline when they attend WWE events. If you really want to get up close and personal with your favorite Supertsars, check out Lifestyles of the Built & Dangerous which provides WWE fans with a guided tour of their homes.

Click here to catch all the brand new shows (and your old favorites) -- you'll be glad you did.

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