Jerry Brisco remembers Lord Alfred Hayes

The sports-entertainment world continues to mourn the loss of Lord Alfred Hayes who passed away last week at the age of 76. To many within WWE, the passing of "His Lordship" meant so much more than loss of a television personality. Those who knew Alfred feel as though they have lost a friend and family member. recently spoke with one of Lord Alfred Hayes' closest friends, Jerry Brisco, about his life and times: What did Lord Alfred Hayes meant to you as a friend?
Jerry Brisco: I've known Al since the early 1980s. Everyone who had the honor of meeting Al was overwhelmed by his personality and just by the man himself. If Al liked you, he was a friend for life, and fortunately for me, we just hit it off right from the start.

I was fortunate enough to compete against him on several occasions in the old Florida Championship Wrestling days. He was a tremendous, tremendous performer. He had the European wrestling style, and mine was the American wrestling style. There was quite a contrast in the two, but we were able to really put on a great match that we both could be proud of. He was a wonderful person and generous of his time and knowledge. If any young guy would come up to him and ask him for advice, Lord was always there to talk to him and help him out.

I just remember his great laugh and his great personality and his wonderful kindness as a human being. That's what I'll remember most about Lord Alfred Hayes. I understand up until his final days he still had that sense of humor and wonderful laugh. He'll be a great loss. I don't have a single negative memory. Whether it was in the ring or outside, Lord Alfred Hayes was a true gentleman and a true friend no matter what happened. What do you think Lord Alfred Hayes meant to WWE?
Brisco: He was a great spokesman for WWE since the time he joined the company until his passing days. He was very proud of the company and of the people. He was very fond of the McMahons. The entire company should take a moment of silence for this outstanding person because he'll be missed, but the great thing about it, everyone who ever came in contact with him will have a great story and a great memory of Lord Alfred Hayes. Tell us one of your fondest memories of Lord Alfred Hayes
Brisco: I remember one night around 1980 or 1981, as wrestlers often do, we were in Charlotte, NC, and the list of people there was a who's who of professional wrestling at the time. If my memory serves me correctly I was there, my brother Jack was there, Lord Alfred Hayes was there, "Rowdy" Roddy Piper was there, Greg "The Hammer" Valentine was there, Pat Patterson was there, Ray Stevens was there. We were sitting up one night, drinking beer, just telling stories. We were all trying to keep it as quiet as we could because back in those days we had the cheapest hotel rooms you could find. We were in one of those hotels where you can hear every word everybody said in the whole floor of the hotel. The manager kept calling telling us to hold it down because they were getting complaints of laughter. We told Al to quiet down, but after every time we told him to shut up, he'd go roaring again and pretty soon here comes the police. I said man, this is something, we got the police called on us because of laughter. We never broke up the party, kept it going until just about sunrise, telling stories, but he was the main focus all night with his laughter. Finally when the cops came, Alfred had to shut up. That's the only complaint they had on us all night long -- too much laughter coming from the room. Make no mistake, it was Lord Alfred Hayes' laugh that was going on all night long.

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