King of the World is also king of the POWER 25

This week, King Booker skyrocketed up the ranks of the POWER 25. He jumped from No. 10 to No. 1, making one of the biggest jumps in the list's history. caught up with WWE's highest ranked Superstar to get his thoughts on his most recent achievement.

"I'm not surprised because of the work and time that I put in," said King Booker. "(Every time I step out there), I'm not just coming out as royalty, but I come out to be the best in the middle of that ring each and every week. Getting the just due of being No. 1 is, I would say, poetic justice fit for a King - fit for the greatest King of all time - fit for the greatest champion of all time."

The royal ruler may be confident in his achievement, but he is also humble and quick to give props to those who have come before him.

"It's a great honor to be No. 1 in any realm, but to be No. 1 in (the WWE is really special)," professed King Booker. "Many guys like Wahoo McDaniel, guys like Dick Murdoch, guys like Dick Slater - …have never been No. 1. For a guy like myself, a street kid who has risen to be King, to now be No. 1, is one for the ages."

King Booker's big jump can be attributed to two impressive wins over Rey Mysterio and capturing the World Heavyweight Championship. But can His Highness keep the streak going?

"(It's) a challenge that I welcome," he hailed. "It's always the greatest thing to go out there and prove that you're the best, to prove that you're worthy of being King."

This Friday, King Booker will take on the legendary Phenom, Undertaker. Even though His Majesty has nowhere to go but down, the King is staying positive.

"Right now I'm the King of the World. Right now I'm the champion of champions, and it could all be over in the blink of an eye. For most, that would probably happen, but for me, for King Book, the gracious King, a humble King, the benevolent King, that will not happen. (Friday), I will solidify my greatness when I beat the legendary Undertaker. I will solidify my No. 1 status and solidify myself to all my loyal subjects that I am their King and their host forever more."

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