Injury updates

Injury updates reached Dr. Ferdinand Rios to get updates on SmackDown Superstar King Booker and ECW Superstar Hardcore Holly.

King Booker received a strained and sprained neck from the vicious Tombstone at the hands of World Heavyweight Champion Undertaker and while he recovers from that, the decision was made to repair damage to his knee. Dr. Rios said, "surgery was successful to the bone fragment stuck in his knee joint."

Queen Sharmell also updated, adding, "Booker is doing well and is in great spirits."

ECW's Hardcore Holly will have surgery April 16 to release a nerve entrapment in his elbow, which was caused by the vicious attack of Snitsky on ECW on Sci Fi -- which broke Holly's arm. Dr. Rios explained that, "his recovery time is anywhere from 3-4 months, depending on the scar tissue around the elbow."

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