Batista, Torrie head to Europe

Batista, Torrie head to Europe

Batista and Torrie Wilson are on their way to Europe today to meet WWE fans and spread the word about the upcoming WrestleMania Revenge tour, which hits the continent in April.

"I'm going with Batista to Italy and Germany. I'm always really excited to go overseas, meet the WWE fans and see different places. It will be a really good time," Torrie told

The World Heavyweight Champion said the European fan base is strong, so he's always eager to pay them a visit.

"I have performed in Italy, and we have a very strong following over there. I'm always happy to go over and meet the Italian WWE fans," Batista said. "We're also making a stop in Germany, where we have a strong following, as well."

Torrie and Batista agreed that the reception overseas is sometimes just a bit different than it is in the United States, since the European WWE fans don't see the WWE Superstars as often.

"A fan is a fan, and they're always really excited to see us. Sometimes being overseas, maybe they are a little more excited. But everywhere, I appreciate the fans," the Raw Diva smiled.

"It's always great to travel across the world, to Europe or wherever, and get off a plane and people already know who we are," Batista said. "That's the cool thing about being a WWE Superstar. It's pretty amazing."

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