Batista headed to the Arnold Sports Festival

Former World Heavyweight Champion Batista will be on hand for the annual Arnold Sports Festival this weekend in Columbus, OH. Batista has been out of action on SmackDown since January, but that doesn't change the fact that he has one of the best physiques in all of WWE. So, it's only fitting that the Animal will be on hand for the Arnold Classic, an event that features the top bodybuilders in the world.

The event will run from March 3-5, and in addition to both men's and women's bodybuilding competitions, there will be an Arnold EXPO, a Sports Festival and a Strength Training Summit.

One event in particular will be the Arnold Wrestling Challenge. There will be 500 males and 200 females competing in the event with a $1,000 scholarship on the line for each winner. In addition to the actual competition, there will be a panel of motivational speakers on hand for the Wrestling Challenge Sunday, including WWE's own Batista.

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