Ashley and Kane star on 'Smallville' tonight

Ashley and Kane star on 'Smallville' tonight

Ashley and Kane recently headed north to Vancouver, B.C., to film guest spots on the hit CW series, Smallville. The show will air tonight at 8/7CT. was there as the SmackDown Superstars showed off their acting and fighting skills on the set of Smallville.

"Kane is playing Titan, a badass alien cyborg-type creature who escaped from the Phantom Zone," Ashley explained. "I'm playing an ass-kicking babe named Athena. I'm a security guard at the fight club in the prison."

Ashley, a self-described comic book nerd, admitted she was thrilled when she got the call from Smallville, because she's a big fan of the Superman-themed series, which is in its sixth season.

"I was just thrilled. I don't watch a lot of television, aside from Raw, SmackDown and ECW, of course. Smallville happens to be one of my favorite shows, so I was beyond ecstatic," she said. "My parents are huge fans of the show, too. When I told them, they just went through the roof."

Kane told his Smallville costars seemed a little intimidated by him, which only made his fight scenes as Titan all the better.

"I'll say, from my first impression of Kane -- he is someone who does not go unnoticed. I think that he can be very intimidating for a lot of people because he's enormous," said Erica Durance, who plays Lois Lane on Smalllville.

"In this episode, titled Combat, there is an underground death match that is being broadcast on the Internet," Kane said. "Clark Kent sees that, and of course being Superman, the goody two shoes that he is, wants to ruin everyone's fun and go break it up."

"You know, Superman's pretty tough. The man of steel's pretty tough. But he's not the Big Red Machine," Kane said.

While Kane filmed a fight scene with Tom Welling, who plays Clark Kent, Durance locked up with Ashley in a babe-a-licious brawl.

"Lois Lane starts snooping around this fight club atmosphere, where I am employed, and I have an issue with her snooping around, so we go at it. It's pretty cool," Ashley said. "We have an awesome fight scene. She's a very tough girl. She can roll with the punches just as well as I can."

Durance told filming Smallville with Ashley was a pleasure.

"I think Ashley is great. She's right on top of it. I got the sense from her when I met her that she's a real go-getter. She's not afraid of anything. She's willing to work hard and I think that it's a sign of any good actress," Durance said.

After Batista's Smallvillle appearance in November, Durance was happy to work with more WWE Superstars on the CW show.

"I think when you mix the whole acting world and the wrestling world, you are bringing in all the WWE fans," Durance said. "With Batista, Kane and Ashley, each has a following of his or her own. They're just great people, and it just brings in that whole world."

Ashley had no problem being tough-girl Athena. Some of the Athena wardrobe was similar to Ashley's own in-ring gear. She even got to wear her trademark boots during some of the Smallville shoot. But most of all, Ashley liked playing a bad girl.

"On TV I get to showcase one side of my personality a lot -- that's the happy, outgoing, friendly Ashley. Also in my matches I get to show a different side of me. But I like being this character… she's a bad girl, let's face it! I tend to be a good girl on SmackDown," Ashley said.

Both Ashley and Kane are pleased with their experiences on the Smallville set, and promise SmackDown fans won't be let down.

"Shooting on the set of Smallville was rewarding because I got to do what I like to do. I got to inflict pain and suffering, and I got to scare people," Kane laughed.

"I think the fans are totally going to dig my character on Smallville. It's very similar to the Ashley they like. I think they're going to enjoy the fight scene, the gear that I'm wearing and the character I play. I think it all fits very well," Ashley said.

"The whole thing's just been a great experience. I'm really, really excited about it and I can't wait for the fans to see it," she smiled.

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