Ashley fires back at Melina

Ashley fires back at Melina

To the biggest DIVA I have ever met:

When I first got to WWE, I respected you as a wrestler. I thought you were a talented performer, and after meeting you, I even thought you may have been a decent person. However, that all changed very quickly.

Just who do you think you are? I've never met someone with an ego like yours. You act as if you are Trish Stratus or Lita. You are NOT a seven-time Women's Champion. I can't believe you have the audacity to talk down to myself and everyone else in the locker room like you do. I have never seen an attitude change as much as yours since you got the gold. You're a spoiled, self-centered brat, and everyone can see that thanks to your ridiculous and juvenile rants on these blogs, as well as the way you speak of yourself around others. 

You want to talk about jealousy? I am down to earth. I never hated you. As a matter of fact, I couldn't give two s**** about you. You want to say I cast the first stone??? YOU were the one who had the nerve to call me out. You started an issue with me over Playboy of all things. Playboy has nothing to do with the WWE Women's Championship.

It obviously bothers you that after winning your championship, you weren't the only Diva that people were talking about.  Grow up! I imagine it bothered you so much, that you felt the need to strip down naked and paint your body gold to take pictures for

Yes, I'm proud of my Playboy cover, but I have never bragged about it. I'm not that type of person, and after reading your blogs, I've come to the conclusion that you are. God only knows what you would have said or done had you been on the cover. I'm appreciative, and I always have been. I've always respected this business and everyone in it — and I always will. I'm not sure if I can say the same for you.

You say you're going to mess up face for my next cover...well I'm not worried about what you do to my face. What I'm concerned about is becoming the Women's Champion, regardless of the price I have to pay. I'm not afraid to sacrifice. I've sacrificed to learn and become better since I have gotten here. You want to say I'm sitting around picking my nose, figuring out how to brag about my cover? Oh no, honey. What I'm doing is planning, plotting, and training so that I can come to WrestleMania and give every last drop of blood, sweat and tears to rip that title off of you.

I'm busting my ass to earn the respect of my fellow Superstars. I'm busting my ass to earn the respect of my fans and supporters, and if you don't respect me now Melina, I promise you will after April 1. Even if I have to beat it into you.

So go ahead and underestimate me, sweetheart. Underestimate my drive, underestimate my fire, and underestimate the passion I have going into this match. All the better for me. All I'm saying is you better be ready for the fight of your life. It doesn't matter what you bring to WrestleMania. You can bring your splits, that gold paint job you had for your photo shoot, (that would be hot... no, really, you should try it...), Joey Mercury, Johnny Nitro, or any of the other Superstars you might be doing splits for.

Regardless of what you bring, when we step into that ring on April 1, all that matters is that I'm gonna whoop your ass.


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