Ashley does ET

On Tuesday afternoon, SmackDown Diva Ashley played host to Entertainment Tonight as ET invaded Friday Night SmackDown.

Just hours before SmackDown, Entertainment Tonight producers came to Worcester, Mass. to film for an upcoming one-hour special presentation on the new CW Network, giving viewers a “behind-the-scenes” look at the network’s programming. WWE Diva Ashley served as host to ET, taking the crew on a backstage tour of SmackDown.

“I got to do an interview with Entertainment Tonight,” said an elated Ashley. “I’m so excited about it – how cool is that?! We were talking about moving over to CW Network. And we got to interview a few of the Superstars and we went outside and had a little fun with the WWE fans.”

Like many other SmackDown Superstars, Ashley is truly eager and anxious for SmackDown’s move to the brand-new CW Network. The Diva believes that both SmackDown and the CW Network have a lot to offer one another.

“This is a real exciting time for SmackDown,” explained Ashley. “I think the move to CW is going to be beneficial to both parties. I think we’re going to bring unparalleled entertainment and unmatched excitement to the CW Network. And, the SmackDown Superstars are lucky to be a part of their network because CW has big things coming up. In less than two weeks, SmackDown will be changing Friday nights like never before on any other network,” she added.

The producer of the behind-the-scenes special, Lisa DeMilo, said she was highly pleased with her backstage WWE experience.

“I cannot believe how big an event this actually is,” DeMilo said. “[The WWE Superstars] are phenomenal to work with; they are all so professional and exciting and really into what they do. [They are] amazing to work with.”

Having encountered SmackDown Superstars such as United States Champion Mr. Kennedy and Chavo Guerrero, DeMilo was most daunted by World Heavyweight Champion King Booker.

“King Booker and his Queen [Sharmell]…what do you say?” asked DeMilo. “All hail to royalty! I am going to watch SmackDown every single Friday night.”

Be sure to catch the one-hour special when it airs on the CW Network on Monday, Sept. 18, with a re-run on Sept. 19.

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