Ashley talks to tracked down RAW Diva Search winner Ashley less than 48 hours after the competition concluded in Montreal Monday night. Here's a transcript of her interview: Talk about the emotions you felt the moment it was revealed you had won the 2005 RAW Diva Search.
Ashley: I was so insanely nervous. You always hear people say that was the longest two minutes of their life, well, now I know how they feel. I was twitching I was so nervous, and then when I saw my face on the (Titantron), my legs went weak. I was completely overwhelmed. What has life been like since Monday night?
Ashley: I'm still on such an incredible high that I don't think is ever going to go away. I feel truly blessed by this experience. What are your final thoughts on Leyla and Elisabeth as your competitors?
Ashley: I think I had some pretty tough competition. Leyla, Elisabeth and myself were so different as individuals, but I couldn't have asked to go through this with a better bunch of girls. I wish them well and hope maybe to work with them again. What possessed you to give out your phone number? Do you think that move actually helped you win?
Ashley: I gave out my phone number because I was getting so many e-mails, I thought it would be easier to just talk to them. And I never got one negative call. People were calling from Rome and the United Kingdom just to wish me luck. I thought it was the sweetest thing. How many calls from total strangers did you actually take?
Ashley: I won't know the exact number until I get my bill, but I would say I answered at least 1,000 calls. If people were willing to spend money to call me and wish me luck it was the least I could do. Why do you think WWE fans selected you to be the new RAW Diva?
Ashley: I think I'm pretty much myself. I don't try to act cooler or tougher than I really am and I try not to get a big head. I think the fans can relate to that. How much are you looking forward to SummerSlam?
Ashley: I'm so excited about SummerSlam. I can't wait to see what the event will be like, it'll be my first real Diva experience.

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