K-Fed album release party a blast for Nitro and Melina

It was a raucous affair Tuesday night in Los Angeles as celebrities, rock stars, actors and actresses gathered at the huge record release party for Kevin Federline's new album Playing with Fire. Among the A-listers in attendance on Tuesday were two WWE Superstars who are no stranger to the bright lights of Hollywood, Johnny Nitro and Melina. WWE.com spoke with the RAW duo regarding their trip to Hollywood.

"It was such a relief, almost like a homecoming," said Nitro. "It was just nice to be around real people for a change. Every week, we're in cities like St. Louis, Chicago, Philadelphia, Dallas, and it's just disgusting. Getting back to L.A. was like a breath of fresh air. We got to be around intelligent, sophisticated people that we could just relate to and have good conversation with."

Melina backed up her man's words.

"It was great catching up with our friends," Melina quipped. "We hung out with K-Fed, Aaron Carter, Paris Hilton and Suge Knight, and we just had an awesome time."

As always, wherever Johnny Nitro, Melina, K-Fed and the rest of the celebrities go, the paparazzi follow. Tuesday night in Hollywood, things were no different as the A-listers were flanked by photographers.

"We're almost used to it by now," said a relaxed Nitro. "The paparazzi always follow us around, but when we come home to Los Angeles, they take it to another level. Melina and Paris had a particularly difficult time, but being the talented celebrities that they are, they dealt with it with class."

In a party full of stars, none shone brighter than the man of the hour, Kevin Federline. His new album, which dropped on Tuesday, has been met with a variety of positive reviews from WWE Superstars. Johnny Nitro offered a projection on the sales success of the new album.

"It's only a matter of time before K-Fed goes platinum," said a confident Nitro. "It's his first album, and I expect the fans to just eat it up. He's changing the game one song at a time. He's going to re-shape, and re-mold the music industry. He's a genuine urban storyteller, and that's a lost art. The fans know it, and it will be reflected when sales top five million by the end of the year."

K-Fed's album Playing with Fire is in stores now and can also be purchased through his official website.   


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