John Cena's obsession with reclaiming the WWE Championship may have doomed him this time. On RAW, Cena presented WWE Champion Edge with an option: give him one more rematch, and if Cena loses, he'll leave RAW and sign a three year deal with SmackDown. Maybe Cena figured he'd get a traditional one-on-one match… but he was wrong.

The Rated R Superstar realized this was the opening he's been waiting for — to get Cena out of his life for the next three years, and he granted Cena's request. But he didn't agree to just any match — he agreed to a Tables, Ladders and Chairs Match at Unforgiven, which takes place in Edge's hometown of Toronto, Canada on Sept. 17.

"He doesn't have a hope in hell," the champion gloated to in an exclusive interview. "I got him in my match. It's not even arguably my match, it is my match. I believe this will be my 11th ladder match, and until you've been in one, you don't understand what falling off a ladder feels like."

While Edge has 11 ladder matches under his belt, Cena's never been in a TLC match, which gives Edge a seemingly insurmountable advantage.

"What the hell can I say?" Cena asked. "I'm not in any position to demand a rematch, especially with the history Edge and I have, so I did the best I could."

Although he's never been in a TLC match before, the challenger said he has a vivid idea about what to expect when he climbs into the ring for battle.

"[It's going to be] physical, brutal… I don't do much from the top rope, let alone climb on 15-to 18-foot ladders. That's a whole different style. I'd give the advantage to Edge," Cena admitted.

The Rated R Superstar claims this was all part of his plan. He didn't have to give Cena another rematch, but with the chance to rid his biggest adversary -- paired with the overwhelming odds -- he couldn't pass up the opportunity to close the book on their rivalry.

"Being the chess player that I am; the master tactician that I am, I set him up. Not only will I have the city of Toronto in my corner, I will have the whole country of Canada in my corner," Edge said.

Regardless of the enormous odds stacked against him, Cena claims he did what he needed to do to get one more match to regain what matters most to him — the WWE Championship. 

"Is it a fair shot? No, but sh*t, life isn't fair," said Cena. "I got a Championship match out of it; the odds aren't exactly in my favor, but I can't say I haven't been there before. I stepped into some hard situations and come out pretty good."

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