Morgan committed to returning

It was less than two months ago that Matt Morgan was at Judgment Day, helping Carlito defeat Big Show. Morgan was one of the more athletic and imposing Superstars on the SmackDown! roster. And at 6-foot-10 and just 28-years-old, Morgan figured to have a bright future with WWE.

And while he hopes he still might, that future became slightly more clouded when Morgan was one of many Superstars let go by the company earlier this week.

In fact, after Morgan saw the first list of cuts on Tuesday, he took a deep breath, only to get the bad news one day later.

"I saw the first list of guys let go and my heart just went out to them," Morgan said in an exclusive interview. "Still, you're happy it's not you. Then the second day you get the call."

Morgan had become a regular on SmackDown!, even appearing on the July 7 show. Considering how much he was on TV of late, Morgan was stunned by his release.

"I was kind of shocked," Morgan said. "I thought I was doing everything they asked of me. I'm still so new to the sport and I have such an upside. I'm still going to get to where I have to go, I'm just going to have to take a different avenue."

Currently, Morgan, who was part of Tough Enough 2, said he's looking over a pair of offers he's received for small movie roles. But, above everything else, he's committed to returning to wrestling.

"Wrestling is still my top priority," Morgan said. "I will look at my options, whether that means wrestling in Japan, Germany, anywhere overseas. Sometimes you have to take a step back to go forward. I want to get the opportunity to come back and show everyone the real Matt Morgan. The guy who's the most athletic and promising big man in the sport."

Still, Morgan had a blast over the last couple months, and he's still confident a return will be in the works one day.

"It was awesome, I had the time of my life," Morgan said. "I want to thank all of the McMahons, Jim Ross, John Laurinaitis and Fit Finlay for giving me the opportunity. I will see them again. I learned about having fun and not being wound so tight. It didn't work out this time, but I'm willing to accept it and grow from it. I'm just 28, I'm only going to get better."

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