Good ol' jerky

Good ol' jerky

As if being one of the most respected announcers in the history of sports-entertainment, a member of the WWE Hall of Fame, and a best-selling cookbook author wasn't enough, Raw's Jim Ross has added "jerky expert" to his long list of impressive titles.

J.R.'s love of everything BBQ has translated into a successful business venture called J.R.'s Family Bar-B-Q that includes creating delicious sauces, publishing cookbooks, event catering and even a restaurant slated to open in Norman, Okla., this June. For J.R.'s latest edible creation, he teamed with a small Oklahoma jerky company to produce a top-of-the-line snack in four delicious flavors: J.R.'s Championship Original, J.R.'s Peppered, J.R.'s Chipotle, and Slobber-Knocker Heat.   

"We use all top eye of round, and we slice it with the grain so it's not chewy," explains the BBQ expert. "We're really proud of it. It's a local-made product and we babysat the production of it.  I certainly wouldn't want to sell the fans anything I wouldn't eat!"

So, has J.R.'s quest for jerky excellence begun to pay off? "Already, in Oklahoma it's in about 100 convenience stores, our mail-order business and our own site ( are doing well, and now fans worldwide can order my jerky from the WWE Shopzone on!"

The veteran announcer, who always seems to have a way with words, chose to share some sound business advice with WWE fans, "I've always believed that if you produce a good product and enough people can try it, you will be successful."

So pick up a bag or two of J.R.'s delicious jerky at WWE Shop for a slobber-knocker of a taste that will leave you yelling Boomer Sooner!

Click here to order on WWEShop!

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