Prelude to Backlash

Prelude to Backlash

PARIS -- In the fast-paced world of sports-entertainment, huge events can occur when least expected. This was definitely the case last night at a WWE live event in Paris. Fan-favorite Mickie James shocked all in attendance when she defeated Women's Champion Melina and Victoria in Triple Threat Title Match and claimed the Women's Championship gold!

Mickie's moment in the spotlight was cast into shadows by Mr. McMahon's Executive Assistant Jonathan Coachman who decided that Mickie simply "stole" the title from Melina. Coachman demanded that Mickie put her new title on the line and step back into the ring with Melina. When the dust settled at the end of the Mickie vs. Melina matchup, it was Melina who ended up on top, securing the pin and reclaiming the Women's Championship.

This Sunday, both Divas will meet at Backlash for a title match that will see one beauty shrouded in gold and the other leaving Atlanta in defeat. 

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