Crunch time with Matt Hardy

Crunch time with Matt Hardy

You don't have to be a sports-entertainer to trim down, build muscle or generally keep fit. However, through WWE Magazine and its monthly "Need a Spot?" column, you can benefit from WWE Superstars' pearls of physical conditioning wisdom. In the publication's May 2007 issue (on sale now), Matt Hardy weighs in on several back exercises from his thorough, though sensible training regimen, all of which helps him persevere in the ring; endure strenuous table, ladder and chair use; and, of course, wear that coveted gold around his waist as one-half of the World Tag Team Champions. briefly caught up with the hearty Hardy and, after catching our breath from running, pressed him for some additional workout insights. Recapping much of what he explains in WWE Magazine—including the distinction between standing or being seated while feeling the burn from one exercise, plus the routine he credits for withstanding countless hard falls to the canvas—Matt reveals a series of sets and reps that makes his workout complete.

"There's one thing that I always do for my back, when I'm finishing up at the very end and I'm trying to get in that last pump" he says. "I'll go to triceps pushdowns [standing straight and locking your arms as you push a straight bar down toward your legs], then get a longer bar on [the cable pulley] and finish with straight-arm pulldowns [a lat exercise in which your arms remain locked as you pull the bar down toward your thighs]. I'll go light with that—like, 35-40 reps—and I'll do that for three sets."

While some WWE and ECW Superstars focus more on strength training than on flexibility, Matt freely admits that he's not one of them. "I've given up dead lifts," he explains. "As far as anything that's extremely heavy or extremely strenuous on me, I just don't push my luck. With my body now, I'm more worried about keeping it healthy, keeping it toned and in tune. I'm not worried about being an overwhelming powerhouse, because that's never gonna be my deal. I just want to do things that keep me in good shape."

That kind of advice certainly works out for us. For a fully extended discussion of Matt Hardy's back training exercises, plus dieting do's and don'ts, be sure to lift up a copy of this month's WWE Magazine. It's available at newsstands everywhere, including the ones near the gym.

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