The Sexiest Women in L.A.

The Sexiest Women in L.A.

UNIVERSAL CITY, Calif. -- Six of the Sexiest Women on Television are the sexiest women to hit Timbaland's latest music video. Ashley, Torrie, Maryse, Brooke, Layla and Kelly Kelly filmed the "Throw it on Me" video with Timbaland and The Hives at Universal Studios yesterday.

The Divas danced, had a fashion photo shoot and got in the ring for the "Timb City" theme video. What exactly is Timb City? Well, WWE fans, you'll have to wait for the exclusive world premiere of the "Throw it on Me" video May 21 on Raw.

"The reason I asked the Divas to be in my video was because I didn't want the typical casting for this. I wanted women who mean something," Timbaland told "The Divas have a fan base of their own. They're all stars. Each in their own way, they all mean something."

Each of the six Divas showcases their unique personalities in the video, through their sexy dance moves and one-of-a-kind outfits created by designer Jared Gold.

"We love it. We play. We taunt. This is our moment. We get the opportunity to express ourselves," Layla said. "To be a part of this, to be a part of Timbaland's video is really amazing."

Layla's Extreme Expose partner, Brooke, said she's excited to appear in the music video, because she's never done anything like this before.

"We're really lucky to get to work with such an amazing person like Timbaland. He's a top producer," Brooke said. "Plus we get to work with The Hives. This is a fun experience."

Maryse said the WWE Divas are a perfect fit for the "Throw it on Me" video.

 "I think the WWE Divas are very strong women, with strong personalities, so we fit the song," Maryse said. "We need music with a lot of energy. It makes us want to move, want to dance and have fun."

Pelle Almqvist, lead singer of The Hives, is a WWE fan, so he was thrilled to work with the WWE Divas on his band's collaboration with Timbaland.

"I think it's a good thing the WWE Divas are in the video," said Almqvist. "They're nice and they're fun. They're great at wrestling, and they look good in the video."

In addition to, E! and TV Guide covered the shoot at the Universal Studios soundstage. Overall, WWE is pleased with the way the video is turning out.

"Timbaland is a long time fan of WWE. He came to Raw in Dayton, Ohio, and saw how beautiful and talented our current Divas are, and thought it would be great to use them for his video," said Kristin Prouty, WWE's vice president of Entertainment Relations. "Timbaland is now thrilled that he picked the Divas for his video. The video is so hot, sexy and creative. Everyone is betting money on it winning a video music award."

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