Batista & Warriors come out to play

Batista & Warriors come out to play

Fan-favorite Batista seems to take to the squared circle like a fish takes to water. If the current WWE Heavyweight Champion were ever to leave sports-entertainment (and we certainly hope he won't anytime soon) he might make a fine addition to the Vodafone Warriors rugby squad in Auckland, New Zealand.  

Arriving in Auckland early Friday morning to help promote next month's WWE SmackDown Road to WrestleMania 23 Tour, the Animal was greeted with incredible excitement and a hearty haka -- the traditional dance of New Zealand's Maori people. The performance was topped off with the team's much-debated throat-slitting gesture that would definitely bring a toothless grin to the face of SmackDown's Chris Benoit. Batista spent almost two hours watching the team practice, paying extra attention to the team's vice-captain and self-proclaimed WWE nut, Ruben Wiki.   

After donning a specially-made Warriors jersey (number 1 of course), Batista posed for local photographers before heading off to a slew of television interviews. Back in the states, King Booker might think of himself as lord of the SmackDown kingdom, but if you ask any of the Vodafone Warriors they'll certainly tell you - Batista rules!

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