Cable viewers like it Raw

Cable viewers like it Raw

Raw kicked off 2007 the exact same way it dominated cable throughout 2006: on top.

Don't take's word for it (though really, you should)—the numbers don't lie. According to Nielsen Media Research, the 9 and 10 PM (EST) telecasts of WWE's flagship program—in which 2.5 million new viewers (9 million total) watched WWE Champion John Cena FU a deserving Kevin Federline to the canvas in Miami's American Airlines Arena—ranked as the top two primetime cable programs for the week of January 1.

Clearly, WWE viewers also rank among the most intelligent. Rather than pull an all-nighter at their friend's New Year's Eve bash and stay up for ESPN's early-morning airing of the Outback Bowl (which barely beat out Raw among all cable programs that week), they slept in, learned later how Penn State's Nittany Lions trounced the Tennessee Volunteers, 20-10, then tuned into Monday Night Raw on the USA Network, refreshed and recharged. Well done, WWE fans!

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