And the award goes to...SmackDown

If you think performing at the 78th edition of the Academy Awards was a daunting task, imagine performing in front of thousands of rabid SmackDown fans next week in Bakersfield, Calif. The group will recite ‘Some bodies gonna get it', the new Mark Henry theme which they recorded for Wreckless Intent, the new album from WWE slated for release on Tuesday, May 23. took a few minutes to speak with Three 6 Mafia front man Juicy J.

The members of the Memphis based rap group have long been fans of the WWE product. As Juicy J explains, "You can't live in Memphis and not be a fan of WWE. Hell, this is the home of Jerry the King." Three 6 Mafia have long been regulars at the famed Pyramid, a frequent stop for WWE events. "We've been watching WWE forever. Every time they come through Memphis, we are there. It doesn't get any better."

With that in mind, it was a natural fit when WWE called Three 6 Mafia to offer them a spot on the new Wreckless Intent album. "It was so cool when they called us because we all grew up watching WWE. We were all in agreement that we should do it. There was no question about it. You didn't have to ask us twice."

Three 6 Mafia's SmackDown appearance will only continue to increase the groups recent notoriety. The group recently won an Academy Award for their track on the "Hustle and Flow" soundtrack. For Juicy J and the members of the group, working on Wreckless Intent was not unlike working on Hustle and Flow. "Doing the WWE compilation was a lot like the movie soundtrack. With the movie, they gave us a script, and gave us a situation or scenario to write a song too. For Mark Henry, it was very similar. We all know Mark is a big tough guy who doesn't take any nonsense. We just wrote a song to match his personality."

Having been at so many WWE events himself, Juicy J says the WWE fans are a lot like those at a Three 6 Mafia concert. "The fans are a lot alike. They are loud, energetic, wild and rowdy. They aren't afraid to get crazy."

Taking all that into consideration, Juicy J and Three 6 Mafia will know exactly what to expect when they take the stage at the Rabobank Arena next week to perform in front of a packed crowd at SmackDown. "When we found out, we were really excited. We're actually still excited right now. It's always fun to perform, and it will be even more fun to do it at SmackDown."

The members of the award winning rap group think their music can appeal to the WWE fans. "I definitely think they will like our stuff. We call our style ‘reality rap'. It means we talk about what people are really going through. But, aside from the serious stuff, we also like to talk about fun stuff. We have a lot of crunk music, a lot of party music, and it's perfect for the WWE fans."

After the performance, Juicy J hopes to meet up with a couple of his favorite SmackDown Superstars, ironically the two men will meet this Sunday at Judgment Day. "Kurt Angle has always been one of my favorites. That dude is a great character. He comes down, argues with everyone and backs it all up. You don't want to mess with him. And, of course there's Mark Henry. If he ever gives up the wrestling thing, he would make a great bodyguard. Nobody gets through him."

When the World's Strongest Man first heard his new entrance song, he gave his immediate approval. "Three 6 Mafia summed it up perfectly with this song. When I walk down to the ring, my feeling is that somebody is going to get their ass kicked. This song says it all for me and it gets me fired up whenever I hear it."

As our interview came to a close, just had to ask, since Three 6 Mafia was so accustomed to winning awards for their work on compilations, could there be a Grammy Award in the future for their work on Wreckless Intent? Juicy J gave his response in true WWE fashion. "Well, you never know. Anything can happen."

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