Ron Simmons gets a new shirt

DAMN…Ron Simmons has a new T-Shirt.

After years away from the spotlight, the WWE Legend has not only earned a spot on Ric Flair's Survivor Series team, but he also debuted the new piece of merchandise this week on Raw.

When asked about the origins of the famous phrase, Simmons told "it didn't come from practice; it came from a lot of things in my life where I've had to say the word."

The popularity of the catch-phrase, according to Simmons, is a combination of things. "My voice and the way I say it makes it catchy. Having a bit of a southern accent or slang and mixing it with Ebonics makes it work."

But is the four-letter word too harsh for everybody? If so, Simmons has the answer. "Kids, keep it clean. Say ‘Darn,'" joked the final member of Ric Flair's legendary Survivor Series team. "Whenever someone might piss you off, just turn around. You don't have to say anything else, just say ‘DAMN!'"



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