CM Punk goes ghost hunting

Get ready to be extremely spooked on Halloween. Tonight after ECW, Extremist CM Punk will join Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson of Sci Fi's Ghost Hunters for an all-night, live investigation of The Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colo. Known as one of America's most haunted hotels, Stephen King based his famous book and movie, The Shining, on The Stanley Hotel. Today the hotel offers luxury accommodations less than six miles from Rocky Mountain State Park. will be with CM Punk and Ghost Hunters all night long on Halloween for all the spooky action.

"I'm going to be hunting ghosts at the world famous and supposedly haunted Stanley Hotel which actually has me excited because I'm a huge horror movie fan," admitted CM Punk.

"CM Punk is going to get in there, he's going to get in the dirt and the mud," said Suzie Kenton, a producer on Ghost Hunters. "He's going to go off with Jason and Grant, the two lead investigators and co-founders of TAPS, which is the organization we follow on Ghost Hunters -- The Atlantic Paranormal Society -- and he is going to investigate with them. He's going to get hands-on, and just drop into the scheme of things and learn the tricks of the trade of a paranormal investigator. So I hope he doesn't scare easy!"

A Chicago native, the Extremist said that he's familiar with stories like Resurrection Mary and Monk's Castle of eerie lore in the Chicago area. Spending a night in the hotel where The Shining was not only filmed but also written by Stephen King, CM Punk said he expects a truly "eye-opening experience."

"I've been doing my research and this place is supposedly severely haunted," CM Punk said. "There's a room in the [Stanley Hotel] where the walls bleed and a floor where maids and housekeepers won't go on because it's haunted by children," he explained with an eager smile. "I can't honestly answer at the moment if I believe in ghosts or not, but I guess we'll find out Halloween night live on Sci Fi."

The Sci Fi show, which is in its third season, based the season two finale on The Stanley Hotel's haunting. Since it was such a great episode, they decided to go back for an anything-can-happen, live show on Halloween, airing right after the completion of ECW.

"It's basically a six-hour, live investigation of The Stanley Hotel, or as some people call it The Shining hotel," Kenton told "The way it's going to be different than what people see on Sci Fi regularly is that we have editors here, who go through all the footage and put together a good show. This is completely raw and live. If somebody trips and falls down the stairs, you are going to see that happen. If a cameraman gets in the way, you are going to see that happen."

WWE fans are encouraged to stay tuned in to Sci Fi after ECW or should log on to the network's Web site to see the broadcast and interact live with CM Punk and the investigators. It is, after all, the first time Ghost Hunters has aired live, and anything can happen.

"As the show is airing live for six hours on television, it's also streaming live on the Web, so for people who are watching it on the Internet at home there is a feature called the panic button," Kenton told "They can click on that button on their computer and type in a text message and send it to Jason and Grant. They can say, ‘I just saw a shadow move across the ballroom floor,' hit the panic button, send the text message, we'll get it at the hotel live, and pass the message along. It will kind of involve the viewers being investigators as well."

During last season's broadcast from The Stanley Hotel, plenty of spooky things occurred, from furniture moving on its own to closet doors opening and closing.

"Grant was changing out the tapes in his camera, and asked the cameraman to come over so he could use his light on his camera, because it was pitch black in there," Kenton said, "The next thing you know, the table and chair move, and they were a heavy table and chair. Unless Grant stood up and lifted it, there was no way it would have moved the way it did. That really shook up the cameraman."

Not scared yet?

"There was a camera running in Jason's room because there had been reported activity in it, so they set up a camera while he was sleeping. It was shooting the bed where he was sleeping, and you could hear the closet door open, and you could hear a glass breaking," Kenton said. "So he moved the camera around to face the closet door and the closet door shut by itself. So he got up to investigate and to show, look there's no people in here."

Now do you have the chills?

"There are also reports of ghosts of children running around. You can hear them running around, kids laughing," Kenton said. "People have complained about it only to find that there are no children on that floor checked into the hotel at that time!"

Still not spooked?

"There's one section of the hotel that female maids don't like going to. They feel kind of threatened and uncomfortable there. Apparently back in the day, it was the area where bachelors and unmarried men were when they came in and checked into the hotel. They were put in this specific area of the hotel, and crazy things would happen there, too. The maids have cleaned up the room, tidied up, turned their backs, gone out into the hallway for about 30 seconds, come back and the place is trashed -- like lamps on the floor, pictures on the floor -- so they have plenty of stuff going on," Kenton said.

"You know, last time we were there, the glass broke, the doors opened and shut, the investigators heard things -- all kinds of stuff," Kenton added. "So we're hoping for that and more this time around."

Unaware of what awaits him, the Extremist is prepared for anything and everything Tuesday night on Ghost Hunters and, just as he does in the ring, CM Punk's ready to make a statement.

"Hopefully somebody's going to get scared," CM Punk said, "hopefully it's not going to be me. I'm looking forward to proving everybody wrong…or just in case I'm wrong, I'm bringing an extra pair of unders!"


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