Greatest in the world?

Within just weeks of the recent short-term reformation of both The Hardys and MNM, WWE fans witnessed the rebirth of perhaps the "greatest" team in sports-entertainment: Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin, The World's Greatest Tag Team Monday night on Raw.

Unlike the reunions of both Matt & Jeff and Mercury & Nitro, former WWE Tag Team Champions Haas & Benjamin are arguably the most focused pairing to be rejoined, as they intend on making a lasting impression on Raw.

"The antics of Cryme Tyme are just oppressive; what they're doing to disgrace to the black man," explained a livid Haas. "I feel bad for Shelton and every other African American because what [Cryme Tyme] is doing is absolutely insulting. We're going to show them that these stereotypes are not right."

It was just two years ago that this dynamic team was split apart by the 2004 WWE Draft Lottery that sent Benjamin to Raw. Since then, Benjamin captured and has recently sought to reclaim Intercontinental gold while Haas spent time in tag action with a number of WWE Superstars, past and present.

Taking nothing away from other Superstars he's teamed with, Haas expressed that he is truly proud to once share the ring with the three-time Intercontinental Champion Benjamin.

"We're a well-oiled wrestling machine," Haas said. "Whether it be DX, Rated-RKO, a team from SmackDown or ECW, we're here to put The World's Greatest back on the map."

Though reunited for a most righteous cause, Benjamin and Haas' crusade will not end with Cryme Tyme, but rather tag team supremacy.

"There are a lot of teams that need to be checked in WWE," Benjamin claimed. "The World's Greatest is ready to teach Cryme Tyme a little lesson in respect, and from then on, sky's the limit." He continued, "It's much like Muhammad Ali said: ‘We're shakin' up the world.'"


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