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Lately, John Cena has arguably been the busiest Superstar in WWE. When he wasn't in the ring trying to regain the WWE Championship from Edge or dropping the FU on the 500-pound Viscera, he was filming his first action movie, "The Marine," which opens nationwide on Oct. 13, or heading to New York City to shoot the cover of FLEX Magazine's November issue.

WWE Magazine caught up with the Cena on location of "The Marine" to talk about his inaugural Hollywood experience, why he believes his movie career isn't on the same fast track to the coffin like Stephen Segal's and what it was like heading into extreme territory for the very first time at ECW One Night Stand.

"Fans won't be disappointed… there are a lot of explosions," Cena promises about "The Marine" in WWE Magazine's October issue. According to what Cena previously told WWE.com, in the movie: "I'm running a parallel course with these bad guys who pulled a diamond heist that's gone horribly wrong, and we run into each other at the gas station. And they need a hostage. They take my wife," he said.

His co-star, Kelly Carlson from the television show Nip/Tuck, was apparently so convincing during her romance scenes with Cena, it left him wondering whether she was acting or if she had a serious attraction.

"Either she's a really good kisser or she was really feeling me," he said about Carlson.

Cena also touched on his plans for a follow up to his debut hip-hop album, "You Can't See Me," his favorite Marines movie of all-time and why he's disgusted by the direction of hip-hop music.

Another Superstar who's no stranger to the Hollywood realm is Roddy Piper, who hops into WWE Magazine's interview hot seat. The excitable host of Piper's Pit fires pithy replies to all 20 questions WWE Magazine threw at him. In the interview, Piper talks about his breakout movie role in "They Live," John Carpenter's 1989 cult classic, sci-fi film. (Some of Carpenter's other movies include "Big Trouble in Little China" "Halloween" and "Escape from New York.") He also discusses what it was like moving up the ranks in the sports-entertainment business and why the world will never see a "Piper Knows Best" reality show.

Someone else who sounds off in the October issue is The Game. Triple H has some very controversial things to say about Hulk Hogan and the Ultimate Warrior. He also dissects the new DX from the original of the late 1990s, and tells why Burt Reynolds' mustache would Pedigree his mutton chops.

The Animal Batista drops by the "Body Shop" to deliver fitness tips for bulging the biceps and advice on how to pump some puff into the pectorals. Also, find out what people do in the gym that makes the Animal growl.

In music reviews, Justin Timberlake's latest solo album, "FutureSex/LoveSounds," doesn't make the grade, but New Found Glory, Motorhead and Mastodon earn acclaim for their latest studio efforts. Plus, the longest reigning Cruiserweight Champion in WWE history, Gregory Helms, lists his favorite rap albums and the tunes that pump him up before he heads to the ring to defend his WWE gold.

Also in the October issue, rising ECW star CM Punk sheds light on the surplus of tattoos that blankets his epidermis. The straight-edge Extremist explains the G.I. Joe Cobra on his shoulder, the phrase "Straightedge" that's inked across his mid-section and why he thinks the Pepsi logo on his arm is "poetic."

Maria, Melina and Ashley tackle the important questions in "Divas Uncensored." Does masculinity fade from a guy who prefers taking bubble baths? What's the truth about keeping socks on in bed? And, when a potential love interest is working out in the gym, what's the best approach to take?

Torrie Wilson was put in charge of "Cash for Questions" this month, and she covers a variety of topics including where she likes to be kissed, who would come out on top in a Taipei Death Match between Save by the Bell's Zack Morris and A.C. Slater, and why posing in Playboy is OK in her eyes. Want a shot at winning 20 bucks? Then gear up your questions for Triple H, Rob Van Dam and King Booker for a chance to be the next cash recipient of a $20-spot.

While Torrie gets the third degree from readers, there's an unidentified gossiper dishing the dirt on WWE Superstars in "The Sac," WWE Magazine's anonymous outlet for hearsay. This month, their source reveals some interesting tidbits about a possible WWE tag team reunion, an Extremist who uses designer shampoo to rinse the blood out of his hair and two Superstars' excursion to a gentlemen's club.

Sick of the rumor mill? Angry that your question didn't make the cut in the "Cash for Questions?" Or do you have an idea on how to make WWE Magazine better? Well don't just sit there, say something about it. Last month, WWE Magazine did something most other magazines wouldn't do — they gave their readers a chance to voice their opinions. The volume of calls from last month was so overwhelming that WWE Magazine is bringing it back for round two. For one full hour, seven days a week, a WWE Magazine editor will field readers' calls. No kidding. You can unload your ideas or thoughts about any aspect of WWE Magazine to a real, live person. And, if your call is coherent, humorous or otherwise mildly entertaining, it might make it onto their website. But, in order to know what to say when you call, you'll need to pick up a copy of the October issue of WWE Magazine that's on newsstands now -- it's the only magazine with John Cena giving a stare down on the cover.

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